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'To Look Within'

By Randy N. Warner

Seeing the need for change in the animal protection movement.


For those of you who choose not to purchase and read this book, please make a copy the following story to tell your kids why we've failed to resolve any of these issues and will simply and blindly dump all the related problems in their laps. I mean after all, we'll be dead long before they will, huh?

OUR CHILDREN'S STORY                                                
By Randy N. Warner

One we must  regrettably share with our children for they most certainly will find out on their own.

We hope they learn from our foibles stemming from ignorance, apathy and politics. It is, but for our egos, that we have not yet come close to resolving this society's issues of animal abuse and neglect towards the animals of which we share this planet. The noblest of efforts have little affects when unaccompanied by true results.
 The Legacy We Leave Them

We followed the large national groups.  For 25 years they promised to solve these problems, if only we would send them money.  We did.   Nearly $2 Billion each year.  In turn, they spent 90 cents from every dollar on high salaries, new cars, luxury items and still ask for more.  The ultimate goals were not as important as their individual agendas and egos that keep them in business.   Our own apathy was killing all these animals.

We hated other animal protection organizations, never spoke to them, but readily spoke ''about'' them.  Never shared ideas.  For political reasons we were confident it was ''for our own good"./  Therefore we have no comprehensive program to present to the public or bring to the schools.  Our noble attempts quelled by politics ignorance and greed.  But our egos were left in tact.   Now, sadly we must leave it all to you.     

Remember these things:  Work Together.  Do Not separate your ideas.   Yours may or may not be better than others.  Without communication, how will you know?  Take One Step AT A Time.  Be organized and focus.  For decades we've shoved thousands of problems and possible solutions to the public.  No unity or clear plan.  Too confusing.  We looked stupid.  We have but few accomplishments.

POLITICS: IT is in every aspect of our lives.  It is the largest hurdle to overcome if we hope to save the animals.  Don't let your goals be compromised by ego, emotions, envy or anger like we did.  Your egos and feelings may get hurt.  BIG DEAL!!!  The animals continue to die. Move on.  THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!!   But certainly more adult than we could handle.  Politics has no place here.   It must be taught through humane education in schools.

The animal problems have plagued us for years and we've turned a blind eye to the fact it's OUR problem to solve.  Do not allow the large animal protection groups to continue unchecked.  Go confidently in the direction that will bring results.   don't be afraid to ''think outside the box''. It scares people.  Let them be scared.  Humans fear change.  They are weak in spirit and ideas.  You will lead them in the long run.

Don't expect too much from humans.  They are limited.  Their egos are not.  You will experience failures.  Keep moving forward.  Without them you learn nothing.  The successes you will have will be monumental.  If you set out to solve a problem, do it with integrity, honesty, fortitude and determination.   Sorry we didn't have those qualities.  Be smarter than we.  Give voice to the animals.



I've been criticized for the cover of the book. 'It looks too much like a self help book. It doesn't resemble animals at all and looks like it's all about people' Well, it is. Of course, the underlying theme is those who help animals. But, remember the 'those' who do that are people. We can accept this look into our movement to protect animals and continue policing ourselves, OR we can let the government take over and implement legislation on our efforts. Which would you want?

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

If more than 8 million homeless companion animals are being killed every year, and shelters, schools and society in general assign the lowest budgetary, and operational priority toward overpopulation education, then is there any question as to why we continue to witness the vicious cycle of suffering and death?

We must all be willing do a periodic 'once over' on our methods of work ethics and practices.  Policing of our efforts is the one and only way in which we can continue to strive for only the best.  After all, the numbers of humans who devote their lives to helping the animals is impressive to say the least and many, if not most of them do not take the time to look within or to police the action of others.  Humans make mistakes.  It's not unheard of for good men and women to be 'off track' and either not be aware of it, or not know how to return to the noble and worthwhile paths in which they began their efforts. 

So, within this book you will find much that is not complimentary to the movement as a whole. It is not my intention to disgrace, nor demean individuals or organizations.  However, there must be accountability for our efforts.  The money and time dedicated to this effort are reaching astronomical proportions and we can only do a better job reaching our goals if we can take a step back and recognize that, periodically, there needs to be a cleaning day.  That is what I hope this will be.

Overpopulation is essentially a product of ignorance and indifference and only proactive and aggressive community and youth education programs offer the promise of breaking the vicious cycle.

We must not lose perspective, and we shall choose those campaigns that will save more animals in the long run. The animals who exist today are a very tiny percentage of the animals who will be killed and tortured in the coming centuries and millennia. Paying excessive attention to those who suffer today is condemning millions more to suffer the same fate. We can’t save them all, but we should be smart in dividing our time and efforts to seeing maximum results for when it comes to precious lives, today's reality cannot serve as tomorrows excuse.


Due largely to sparse and painfully ineffectual shelter outreach efforts most of the public has little or no understanding of the horrendous magnitude of the overpopulation tragedy. Compounding the problem, when the public is reached, the message they receive is "sanitized" with enough euphemisms to fill Grand Canyon. Why isn't the unadulterated truth, stripped of any veneer, imaginatively and assertively brought to the public? Perhaps the unvarnished truth would make some uncomfortable, but that is precisely what we should be doing — removing the killing from behind closed doors and informing the public about their role in the massive slaughter of our so-called closest companions.

According to interviews with authorities nationwide, the areas having the biggest problems in animal welfare and animal control are these regions that are generally low socioeconomic areas where there is often a large non-English speaking ethnic community and widespread difficulties with basic literacy skills.

Whether picked up on the street or surrendered at the shelter, the vast majority of these animals experience the kind of psychological trauma and terror that we find so abhorrent for caged laboratory animals but tolerate in our own facilities. Some are exposed to various forms of physical mishandling and abuse, and all suffer from the anguishing ordeal of being processed and warehoused in a foreign and frightening environment.

Statistics from the National Pet Alliance pages:


A true civilized society would be a place where life is affirmed, both in teaching and practice, not one which is comfortable with being permeated with the odor of death.

A new and larger vision is needed, a vision in which society hold themselves accountable for meeting demanding performance standards that preserve life — not destroy it.

Development of appropriate resources to enhance education programs must be a top priority. The principles of care and social responsibility that underlie responsible animal care education programs and are also important in human relationship education not currently being taught in schools.

Our movement has to begin anew with each generation because we fail to effectively reach the preceding one, and the animals and the Earth pay dearly for this refusal to invest in the promise of a brighter day

Education is certainly one of the important tools in achieving effective urban animal management programs in any community. It is also one of the most potent weapons the citizens and various government organizations associated with animal welfare and animal control have to address problems in these areas.

The most potent and cost-effective outreach vehicle is the development of a creative volunteer program. The focus of this crucial outreach instrument is youth education. This area receives tremendous lip service about youth representing the future, but it invariably receives the lowest budgetary priority.

We must take the initiative by approaching every school, media outlet, club, civic organization, professional association, shopping center, and wherever people will listen. When it comes to precious lives, today's reality cannot serve as tomorrows excuse. Our current society is entangled in a convoluted system that places a higher operational priority on "painless" execution than preventive education.


No matter how much positive education the community is exposed to, there will always be an element of our society that is unresponsive to community pressures and that fails to conform to conventional and respected codes of behavior when it comes to animal treatment and management.

But the concept of 'education' must go beyond instruction given in schools by teachers or education officers to knowledge, training and skills in a particular field given to the community at large by every available practical means. Not only does this mean using simple posters, flyers and the media but it also embraces the precept that effective education often occurs through the process of prosecution.


Can anyone guess why this book will be received with pure unadulterated anger and even vengeance towards me?
Because, even though we are used to hearing ''Government Reform' and 'Education Reform' you never hear 'Animal Protection'' reform because everyone in the movement is one of the following:

Highly paid and do little more than push papers and learn how to beg for more money, OR are so entrenched in their own objectives and efforts, that any mention of change would be seen as a blow to their efforts and ignored.

Of course a good majority of them are so egotistical that they may just love this book, but will forever thing I was talking about everyone BUT them.

Too many folks refuse to acknowledge that 'policing' of an industry is absolute necessity. It is the only means of keeping the focus on a common goal and to prevent mishaps or certain areas or entities from straying. It's truly not intended to slam, belittle nor point fingers.

Few of the millions of Americans who read this will agree with anything I say because it makes them look bad. Absolutely not my intention at all. I'm only trying to make change so that this movement can see a noticeable degree of improvement in short order. Of course, that is not likely to happen BECAUSE OF THE PREVIOUS 218 words.

But, here goes anyway. I can only hope that at least 10 % of the animal protection advocates will recognize that humans are the only ones that can overcome all that is preventing animals from abuse and neglect and unnecessary death. And that for the last 50 years, we've been unable to do that BECAUSE OF THE PREVIOUS 242 words.

I'm a 51 year old college educated male who's primary goal in life is to see humane education programs in each and every classroom in the nation through dedicated volunteer efforts. It is proven that consequence is not nearly as effective as conscience. So, I'm not a big supporter of new laws. We have the laws on the books now that we won't or can't enforce. To enforce the laws we have now would ultimately result in solving most of the problems we experience. Common police work and humane education would most assuredly take care of any remaining violations that would surface. With the appropriate instruction and guidance to young people, this type program provides young people as well as troubled and at risk teens, the moral structure necessary to give them higher academic achievement scores, improved attendance rates and they also tend to adopt a less violent conflict resolution technique.

It is important to note, for all who think that humane education will have no effect on young people or adults, that it is exactly the same manner in which we began to clean up litter, learn not to pollute the air as well as to recycle. It is simply the next logical step for a civilized society. This, too will save tax dollars, improve our society and reduce the suffering of millions of companion animals each year in this country.

Life, as I knew it, changed drastically and forever when I adopted my first dog as a full fledged adult in 1981 as I was preparing to move from Ohio to California.  Not only did I have a clue that I would find myself embroiled in a battle where I would be forced to stand up against the ignorance of authority and fight an unjust system but the one I am going to tell you about is really important as it stands on its own. But, once it was over, I realized that this type of uninformed and greedy, callous unawareness was epidemic across our great nation. Most importantly, is what we as animal protection advocates should be very aware of.

My childhood was spent at the north end of Pleasant Hill Ohio with my parents and two sisters that were already out of the house and living on their own by the time I started first grade. 

Regularly attended The Church of The Brethren on Main Street (a more modern branch of the Amish community) and many church related events, we were a religious family and had a wonderful childhood and upbringing in this small Midwestern town of 1,000 which quietly sits along side the Stillwater river.

Newton High School Indians had a marvelous competitive marching band and still are highly respected 35 years after I've graduated. The town is proud of the band and is one where everyone knows everyone else. Other than that, if you blink while going through my home town, you will likely crash into the monument in the middle of the street.

We always had two dogs. When one would pass away, we'd have another as soon as possible - once in a while even on the same day. They slept inside the house on a bed we made for them in the service room off the kitchen at night and outside during the day, with access to the garage and a nice dog house my father built in there. Never seemed to matter what type, size or personality the dogs had. They would soon find themselves as part of a family who would love them anyway and life went on. Sometimes puppies, sometimes not.

Throughout my younger life and on into high school years,  we would travel out of town to visit relatives, I certainly remember how wonderfully all the aunts and uncles got along with each other.  All my fathers brothers, as well as all my mothers sisters were very close to each other and each one in their own right could have been committed to a mental institution by almost any standards.  Good strong people who would do or say anything to make the others laugh. And laugh we did.  Everyone had an incredible sense of humor.

But two things stand out about my childhood:

First is: if I heard a marching band practicing at the local high school, my mom knew that there was simply no way to keep me from it and from the ripe old age of 5, I was walking around strange communities alone in search of that band I heard practicing and wouldn't leave until it was finished. To this day, there is nothing that will bring me much more joy than a good parade, marching band competition or the likes.

Secondly, on the way home, sometimes we would see a dog laying along the road and that would just break my heart. I would cry and ask daddy to stop and see if it was still alive and would then just wonder and worry for the remainder of the trip home. It was devastating to me.  I just adored dogs and felt badly that we couldn't explain why their lives were not as good as ours. 

As a young boy growing up around our farming community, my parents and I would visit other families from our church and when I would be where someone never allowed their dogs to come inside the house for anything or worse yet , tied them up to a chain, I'd quickly eat and then run out and just sit there petting the dog and talking to it. They don't understand my words, but they made it very clear that they appreciated my kindness and attention while I was there.

But, as far back as I can remember, I never met a dog that I didn't adore and stoop down to give it a kiss on the nose. Surprisingly enough, I've only been bitten by 2, maybe three of them and even then, it was not an angry bite, but one which was defensive because the animal had never had anyone offer up that level of affection before. That to me was very sad.

People used to say to me 'With your love of animals, you should work with dogs or at an animal shelter or something. ABSOLUTELY NOT, I thought to myself. The dog catcher is a BAD person and I'm not bad. And the people who are involved with animal issues are all a bunch of crazy nuts that should be committed. I just knew I wouldn't be able to get along with people like that. Ok, so I've learned that not all dog catchers are bad, and that they are simply doing a job. So, I was 50% correct.

I've seen my living conditions decline so drastically over the past ten years, it's just amazing. Placing all my efforts into the battle that you are about to read about, but many more as well. Surprisingly enough, I'm more often judged by the style or quality of home I live in, than my work. I'm not sure I would change anything of my past, though. I am working with what I have and using what I know. I've done this all for the ability to get where I am today to help the animals. Just haven't done the 'financial' part of life.

Oh, I could pretend to love animals and get a lot of cash, nice salary, new car, nice home and even use the corporate jet to fly to my vacation home, but I have never been a fan of the HSUS or the other large groups who have their hands out 365 days a year begging for money to help these creatures of God, but never seem to be able to solve any of the problems. I guess they view solutions as being equivalent of writing their own pink slips. But, as you'll see throughout this book, I am just way to shy and reserved to ever let my opinions be known - especially if it were to bring harm or question to another group or person. Please don't allow the fact that Randy Warner is actually proud of his ''being blacklisted '' by the HSUS as a sign that he may have ever spoken out in a critical manner in regards to their efforts. What is it that they actually do again?

On the other hand, I tend to view goals such as 'solving the animal abuse problems and the horrors of pet overpopulation as being a great achievement. Heck. I'd LOVE to put myself out of business by doing the right thing for them. But, to do so, you must do one of the following: You must offend people when you tell them they are doing wrong, then find a way to enforce it. Or, begin a comprehensive and substantive program of humane education through volunteer efforts to be implemented into our nation's schools. The larger organizations are not willing to do either one. Each person they ''offend''' may choose not to donate next year. And they don't have a clue as to what true volunteerism is. And to have the program that I speak of actually throughout our school system, could force them to reduce their staff by 50% if not more. BECAUSE THE BIGGEST PROBLEMS WE FACE are the easiest to correct, but they are also the biggest reasons people continue to donate to them.

However 'old fashioned' and corny it sounds to have been raised in a small Midwestern town such as this, I do remember a variety of ways that we were all taught humane education. The most obvious for that time and lifestyles that people lived back then, was to witness what your parents did, how they reacted, etc.  Then we would also bring it up in conversation over the dinner table each evening.  Of course that is not nearly as likely in today's  busy lives everyone leads.  So, this valuable information has just sort of slipped out of our lives simply due to the lack of communications throughout the family .We also welcomed officers and volunteers from our county animal control, the Cincinnati Zoo and on a few occasions, from National Geographic Magazine people for full school assemblies.  So, Humane Education in our schools is by no means a 'new and modern idea'.

The following 'History Of Humane Education' is from ANIMAL PEOPLE is the leading independent newspaper providing original investigative coverage of animal protection worldwide, founded in 1992. Our readership of 30,000-plus includes the decision-makers at more than 9,000 animal protection organizations. We have no alignment or affiliation with any other entity.

No, it's not a new idea at all - as a matter of fact, The Unti/DeRosa chapter on humane education is the most thorough treatment we have seen yet of the rise and fall of humane education as a movement unto itself during the early 20th century. The Bands of Mercy organized by Massachusetts SPCA founder George Angell and successors eventually reached more than four million children with an ambitious equation of humane education with moral education. Broadly accepted then, including in denouncing hunting and vivisection, the Bands of Mercy program would now be considered too radical for school use.

After the outbreak of WW I, The message of universal peace through humane education was subordinated to patriotic imperatives. Humane education did not become more central to the work of SPCA's in the years that followed.

Instead, as humane societies took on animal control duties to ensure economic survival, the growing burden of capturing and killing homeless dogs and cats, cast other initiatives, including humane education, to the margins of activity. What survived was the simple lessons of kindness to pets.. Both self censorship and the constraints imposed by educational institutions, prevented humane education from reaching into the realm of institutionalized use of animals, such as animal experimentation and the mass production of animals for food and fur.

More than half of the Unti/DeRosa chapter dwells on the difficulty of quantifying the effects of humane education, reflecting the contemporary obsession with the meeting standards with can be verified through testing. But humane education has had one verifiable success, Unti and DeRosa conclude: "Whatever the level of success on other fronts of humane work, wanton acts of individual cruelty against pets are now usually seen as the signs of a maladjusted and sick personality. Conversely, a kind disposition toward such animals is considered an important attribute of the well adjusted individual.

Actually, British satirical engraver William Wogarth among others, counted on his audience to have similar views long before there were any humane societies.
However, schoolroom humane education has probably help to validate and empower the feelings of the majority of people who disapprove of cruelty. A series of surveys done in China since 1998 show that attitudes toward cruelty to animals there are essentially the same as in the US, - but in China, because people who disapprove of cruelty are conspicuous, especially by the minority of the population who eat dogs and cats and wildlife and by those who attend zoos as spectacles rather than from the love of animals.

This is something that needs to be re introduced to our younger generation NOW.

Even after reading this book, there will be those who will ask OK. BUT, WHY NOW.?

Here is my response.

“In 1999, adults in this country, made decisions which ultimately resulted in the unnecessary killing of over 8 million adoptable pets!!! Our children can do better if only given the proper information. We just need to show them the 21st Century Cares!

This section on the next few pages is intended to answer the question of “WHY” to Humane Education. One of the most noticeable results of these programs is the development of a more sophisticated and solid moral structure for today's youth – providing them with a clearer picture, or ‘direction' from which they will navigate through life.

They will come to enjoy education more, resulting in higher attendance, more participation in the field of science, lower drop-out rates, etc. Too many animals are suffering and loosing their lives needlessly due to humans.
We are proud Americans! We want to continue saluting this flag with all the pride it deserves. STOP THE NEEDLESS KILLING OF THESE ANIMALS!!

ABUSE: Every community has its problems. But, everyone would just be horrified by the statistics and stories given by their local police and animal control officers. The animals are unable to protect themselves or to report these actions. Additionally, many, who are aware of these atrocities, refuse to report the acts or even to address the perpetrators. We all have the responsibility to report these criminal acts.

UNAWARENESS: As we know, the general public not only has LITTLE perspective on what the issues are, but an appalling ignorance as well. If you are unaware of the problem or what the cause is, there is no possible means of solving it. Unawareness is ignorance.

APATHY: “Oh I can’t do anything. I’m just one person.” NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. But, apathy IS our biggest single problem.
Correct, one individual voice has it's limitations in volume. But, a chorus of 5,000,000 individuals singing together is a much different and more powerful sound! Apathy is a form of ignorance. Apathy and unawareness will assure photos like this will always be with us. Don’t be afraid to speak up!! Let this innocent pup have a good life.

IRRESPONSIBILITY: “When the time comes, I might get involved”. What are you waiting for?????? The average John and Jane Q Public feel they have the sufficient knowledge to train their new pet. Yet, the single largest problem people list when relinquishing their pets to the pounds is the 'owner's' lack of training skills - admitting the obvious, all too late.
“Not being housebroken”, ‘not able to stop the jumping’, not able to walk him on a leash’ are the three most often heard. THESE ARE NOT FAULTS OF THE PET, but of the human. Yet, millions will go to the pound to die! Every time you witness a human abusing an animal, it is the human who has just admitted they are too stupid to have the knowledge necessary to communicate properly. They will try to cover up by pointing fingers at the ‘stupid’ or ‘aggressive’ animal.

DENIAL: Humans typically repress painful things that they're made aware of. This is due to their own shortcomings and personal failures. Most Americans tend to view the problems of animal abuse and pet overpopulation from the same vantage point. We hope none of you see yourselves in this photo.

POMPOSITY: Those who think that having that ‘accidental’ or ‘recreational’ litter of puppies or kittens is ok for THEM but not for others. They ARE the problem. “We've already got homes for most of them." Then, there is the "But, it's my right to have a litter if I want to!" Showing, clearly, that it's those who don't know how to play as a team, that most assuredly help to loose the game. Goodness, where are their heads? Let's see, 5,000,000 pompous folks thinking like this X 5 pets per litter = 25,000,000 MORE pets into a society that already has 8,000,000 or more pets to death each year, simply due to a lack of homes.
GREED: Most of us want the easy way out. We don’t take the appropriate action, so we ‘donate’ to these groups. The large animal organizations want to make a living the easy way, too. Example: Each year we give hundreds of $$MILLION$$ to the Humane Society of the Unites States.

Oh, I'm sure they have a highly paid Public Relations person who would provide ‘lip service’ to argue this thought.  They send us photos of helpless, caged animals, while extending their hands asking for dollars to solve the problems. Has it worked? NO! . And, we would believe them because top executives would never lie to us, now would they?
Their high level executives make salaries of over $250,000 per year.

This organization has bank accounts with up to $$100 MILLION$$ just sitting there. They could easily focus on one of the main problems in this country and solve it in a years’ time. But, they don’t. They are actually surviving on the failures of the problems that we pay them to solve. We must admit the problems are ours and ours to solve. Like our fanatical minority and religious leaders, our large animal welfare organizations need their victims. Absent crime and imaginary situations against their people and teachings, these organizations disappear -- this means jobs. As long as they can convince those who don’t know any better, they will survive.

PROPERTY STATUS: We're only talking about ONE right concerning animals, the right NOT to be viewed or classified as property. Then, of course there are the issues surrounding insufficient animal protective legislation at all levels, as well as the nationwide refusal to enforce existing laws or to prosecute those who are offenders: most especially the verbiage used to describe them as “PROPERTY” and ‘things’ referring to them as ‘its’.

The NRA has a huge role to play in this argument. They certainly aren’t the brightest in the bunch – just one of the largest. They support the hunters, who seem to say the animals ‘belong’ to us. Somehow, I don’t believe our forefathers would support our present views on guns, nor do I think our creator would be pleased with our treatment of other beings on this planet.

Then, there are those who place “Free to Good Home’ ads. This, once healthy and loved Doberman Pincher “Mitsi” ended up in a home that raises and fights dogs. She was hastily placed through a ‘Free To Good Home’ ad with no background check or agreement with the adopting party. Mitsi died 2 weeks after this picture was taken

Read below (by In Defense of Animals and decide which would be best for your pet.)
OWNER: One who has legal title for, or right to, or possession of an ‘item’ ‘thing’ or ‘object’.
GUARDIAN: One who adopts a baby or an animal for reasons of providing necessary care, nurturing, guidance and love, food water and shelter, in order to ensure a safe and healthy and happy life WHICH DO YOU THINK IS THE BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR DOG?

It cuts through the very fabric of civilization. Hate groups are gaining members in record numbers. Hate crimes and animal abuse cases are both on the rise at alarming rates and can be directly linked to one another. Some of the social problems include, but are not limited to: criminal behavior towards animals and humans: weakened moral development: poor academic achievement; and disinterest in academics and having an extremely poor knowledge on such issues as basic care for companion animals.

Obviously, changes need to occur. We need to break the chain of ignorance that allows our youth to follow the behavior of their parents. Those students who received the Humane Education program had significantly higher knowledge scores related to humane treatment of animals as well as humans and suggested awareness, empathy, and adoption of non-violent conflict resolution techniques.

We realize Americans are busier now than ever before. We must remember that the animals still need our patience, understanding and love. It’s really quite simple – quite elementary! Without this, by means of selfish and uninformed adults, they will likely suffer, and possibly even die. But, it’s not going to happen ‘magically’ either. WE MUST ALL BE RESPONSIBLE!!

It takes all of us working together. It means that we must all be aware of other's efforts to prevent any duplication of efforts.  If we know what others are doing, it allows us to see what it is we need to do.  Let’s make sure that each of us takes that extra step and promise to speak out - to share this information with those who are unlikely to visit this and other similar sites. BEFORE YOU GET YOUR NEXT PUPPY, GO TO THE LOCAL AND AREA DOG POUNDS 2 – 3 TIMES TO LOOK. YOU JUST MAY FIND THE DOG OF YOUR DREAMS, DREAMING OF YOU!

The General Public and Rescue Efforts Responsibility

Americans: We cure diseases. We invent things that change the world on a daily basis. We win wars in 100 days or less. We put a man on the moon over 40 years ago and have now reached MARS. And we have the marketing prowess to change human existence and habits on a global scale, but have not been able to properly relay some very simple messages to society in regards to the overwhelming mistreatment of Gods' other living beings. WHY?:

The purpose of writing this book is to show how totally uninformed and out of touch the human race can be on issues that involve and surround each one of us on a daily basis.  The constant positioning for fame and monetary donations by the larger national groups, slandering of and by rescuers on so many levels against each other and even the ignorance of judges who were to hear my case in court.

I'm willing to bet that most of you have learned things already and were amazed to realize just how many problems we have and how deeply they are embedded into our society - making it simply go away in our minds. I hope those who read this book will be able to see just how simple and inexpensive it would be if the decisions made, were somehow based on solid research,  testing,  survey results, etc.

It's difficult to imagine that the pet store business is still such a strong market.  Oh, don't get me wrong, the animals are quite a crowd catcher at the mall and the puppies and kittens would melt the hearts of most I would think.  But, seeing as though the larger organizations have a great deal of knowledge on where these puppies and kittens come from,  their health being such an issue, the abuse that takes place with the breeding females, the strong propensity for the 'spur of the moment' decision resulting in a vicious circle of abuse and neglect.   But, they have done little to promote the evils of pet stores and to show them the facts,  they have done nothing to campaign strongly against the puppy mill operations around the nation and I would venture to guess that if we took a poll at the local pet store which displays puppies and kittens, that it would be difficult to even find a patron that was aware of the difficult situations these animals have come from.

One of the most surprising and angering things I hear on a regular basis is 'I am going to breed my dog. It's got AKC papers and has a disposition that others like" Of course, the other sad excuses are 'accidental litters' or 'we wanted to breed our dog once as we heard it helps the disposition of the mother'. What this clearly tells me is two fold: The larger organizations have truly failed to get this simple and foundational message of stopping overpopulation out to the general public to the extent that they actually recognize that EVERYONE must be on the same page and that each one of us truly matters in the decisions we make.

I'm just trying to explain that, from my experiences in working in animal protection for over 20years, most of the major problems we face and experience on a daily basis can be so very easily solved, solved quickly and without costing tax dollars and even saving nearly $1 billion annually. The additional benefits of achieving a more compassionate society are well documented by receiving a aggressive humane education program in schools. The next generation should be as prepared to handle this changing world as they can possibly be. We need to teach them what the problems are and how to make better and more informed decisions than we have made.

Outside dogs is another thing I don't quite understand.  Here is what we know of an 'outside' dog.  It is more likely to bark and upset the neighbors, causing complaints and disagreements, has a greater chance of escaping repeatedly, is much more likely to bite an innocent visitor, will incur hip problems, anger problems and be socially inept when in contact with humans as well as other animals.  Sadly, it is also going to experience a much shorter life due to diseases and or being relinquished by the humans to the animal facility.

I'm familiar with hundreds of dog breeds, but what's an outside dog?
Unless you're medically intolerant of the dog (and therefore can't take care
of him in a medical emergency, so you shouldn't have the dog anyway), making
a dog stay outside is a costly waste. If he's for protection, what do you
think I want to steal - your lawn?
When you leave, do you put your valuables and your kids out in your yard?
Just what is the dog protecting out there?  Most dogs kept outside cause far
more nuisance complaints from barking and
escaping than any deterrent to intrusion. Such complaints cause teasing,
antagonism, release and poisoning.
With your dog a helpless victim, it's no laughing matter.

If I'm a crook and your dog is out, your fence protects ME, not your
possessions or your dog. If I just open the gate, 9 out of 10 dogs will run
off! I can safely shoot, stab, spear, poison, snare, strangle them, or dart
through the fence and you just lost your dog AND everything I steal!

If he's tied up and I keep out of reach, he's useless. He'll bark, but
outside dogs bark so much, they're usually ignored. But let a dog hit the
other side of a door or window I'm breaking into, and I'm GONE! I can't hurt
the dog until he can hurt me, and nothing you own is worth my arm.
Deterrence is effective protection.

Protection and aggression are not the same. Protection is defensive,
reactive, often passive, and threatens or injures no one. Aggression is
active, harmful and offensive, threatens all and benefits none. Yard dogs
often develop far more aggression than protectivity because everyone who
passes by or enters has already violated the territory that dog has marked
dozens of times a day for years. That's not protection, it's not desirable
and it overlooks two facts of life today:

First, property owners have implied social contracts with others in the
community. Letter carriers, paper boys, delivery people, law enforcement,
emergency medical personnel, meter readers and others are allowed near and
at times on your property without your specific permission. And sure that
ten-year-old was not supposed to jump your fence after his Frisbee; but
neither you nor your dog are allowed to cause him injury if he does. Imagine
this: A neighbor looks into your yard or window and sees you, your wife or
child laying on the floor in a pool of blood. They call 9-1-1 and your dog
prevents paramedics from assisting! Should they shoot your dog or just let
you die?

Great choice.

Second, even if the intruder is a criminal, few places allow you or your dog
to cause physical injury to prevent property loss. Convicted felons have
sued the dog's owner from jail and won more in the suit than they ever could
have stolen!
Appalling? True.
And don't be foolish enough to believe your homeowner's insurance will cover
the loss. Now you see why many feel that an outside dog is a no-brainer.

The more a dog is outdoors, the less behavioral control you have. It's
easier to solve four or five indoor problems than one outdoor problem. The
reason is valid and simple: The more you control the stimuli that reaches
your dog, the more you control the responses. You've got a lot more control
over your living room than you do over your entire county! When your dog is
bored, but teased by every dog, cat, bird, squirrel, motorcycle,
paperboy, airplane, firecracker and backfiring truck in the county, OF COURSE
he'll dig, chew, and bark.

Would you sit still all day everyday? Do you want unnecessary medical and
parasite fees, especially as the dog ages?

When a dog is alone indoors, you are still 30% there because your scent and
things he associates with you, constantly remind the dog of you and your
training. When he's out, your dog is alone whether you're home or not. Do
you really expect him to keep YOU in mind while the entire world teases,
distracts and stimulates him?

The media is full of stories about the family dog saving everyone's life
during a fire. How many people, including children, would be dead today if
those dogs were kept outside? SURE - you ALWAYS get up to investigate every
time your yard dog barks. And I've got this bridge.

An outdoor dog has an address, not a home. Dogs offer real value as
companion animals. Stop behavior problems and start enjoying real protection
and companionship. Bring your dogs inside.

See what Tammy has done with with legislation and education successfully rallying against this ignorance.

If the larger organizations would place their focus on companion animals, the topic that effects everyone in one way or another, they would then see that something is being done, that things can be accomplished on a grand scale and that we do have a responsibility in improving the lives of all living things. I say this because the companion animal is all around us, has a stronger effect on most families than an endangered primate far away, and would be a very easy example if presented properly through schools and the media.

Presently, if one were to log onto the HSUS website, it is so overwhelming and difficult to navigate, that you simply feel that you are so insignificant. you loose hope quickly. I also believe that is one of their strategies, so that folks will continue to give money and so that the public does not expect to see many results during their lifetime. After all, you cannot ignore the fact that their first and foremost goal is to keep themselves in business through donations. THEN to fund animal issues ''as they see fit''. Thus their expenditures of spending 90cents for every dollar donated to funding their own survival through many 6 figure salaries, luxury office buildings and more. One thin dime for every dollar is then spent on charity efforts towards animals - many of those chosen charities are actually branch organizations which they themselves own - thus taking that dime from one pocket and simply placing it into another pocket. We'll get to more of this later, but if you have questions on this, just try to get a public dialogue started with them and ask them to explain this. They will clam up and shut down so tightly it's amazing.

The larger animal organizations have certainly made this world a better place through their efforts. But when you consider the ridiculous amounts of money that they receive each year, it is very clear that much more could have been done through education to reduce the suffering. We all need to be more pro active and to speak out to them, our local authorities, by voting in candidates who share our beliefs and then live up to their promises.

People in general are so very uninformed about what is going on around them, who is creating the problems that cost us billions annually in tax dollars to run the archaic, unprepared and overworked animal control we've grown accustomed to or what it would take to solve these problems. That is where humane education comes into the picture.

In the past 20 years, Americans have donated an additional $1billion annually to one of 3,000 non profits in this country that are devoted to seeing change in the way we handle and care for animals. Additionally, we have logged nearly 50 billion man hours on the same problems. 50 billion man hours, $40billion with 3,000 groups working towards the same goal!!!!! Are you kidding me? Why in the world would we not be able to see some solutions by now?

With each of the larger national groups working on their own agendas such as not eating meat, or trying to rid society of even owning pets at all, they all work separately. The efforts cannot seem to agree that they have so much in common, nor work together to sustain a forward movement. One is radical, the others are smooth in their presentations, but most are seen as 'tree huggers' and nuts. They are very secretive about their innermost operations and are loosing respect at an alarming rate. The simple messages have not been delivered to the general public in a manner which can implement results.

So, since each one of the major national groups tells a different story to describe their efforts and intentions, they are also striving for much different goals, have differing agendas and believe it or not, they all have some level of ego that keeps them going. These egos trickle down to the lowest of all efforts as well. Egos that prevent them from joining another group or combining efforts of existing groups. The problem here lies in the total lack of a unified message to the media and the public. Then when you figure in the constant and ongoing fundraising and inter mingle all that with the politics that keeps their given organization afloat, it's more than a mess out there.  It's chaos in a big pot of pea soup.

The problem with pets is one that will affect everyone at some point in their lives. Yet NOBODY will ever discuss the proper care of your pets.  It's simply assumed that everyone knows how to put food down and change the water once or twice a week. After all, nobody wants to look foolish any more than we already do.  This family has pets altered. That family allows the occasional litter.  The man down the street ties his dog to a short chain.  My mom brings all five of her shepherds inside when ever they wish. They even have a doggy door. Personally I have found that one single dog is just too much trouble.  I would never in my life have just one dog.  By getting  a second one, they play and tire each other out.  To a given extent, I see how people could go their entire lives and not involve themselves in a serious discussion on pet care for your particular home environment.

Yet, if we were to tackle and ultimately resolve the issues surrounding our beloved pets, the rest of the animal issues would then have more meaning to the people and would begin to take on a different light. The problem is presented to us as an overwhelming and mind boggling world wide dilemma that just seems to daunting to most. Therefore they tend to do nothing.

Remember that apathy is the single largest hurdle we face if we want to see resolve in these issues.

Since the problems upset so many people, they prefer not to 'see' what they see or help out because the feel no amount will make any difference. Our society has become complacent in most of these issues. On the large scale, I understand that.

What I don't understand is how people can see that their brother, or neighbor or boss is mistreating their pets, or neglecting them or doing one or more of a multitude of outrageously stupid behavior and treatment and nobody even makes a quiet suggestion to him in hopes of improvement. ''Yea, he's practically making his dog crazy or beating it at night time or rarely remembers to feed and water the poor thing...... BUT ITS' REALLY NOT MY PLACE TO SAY ANYTHING.'

I'm one of those people who says it like it is.  NO ROSE COLORED GLASSES AROUND HERE.  I not only can't tolerate people's  ignorance of that damn elephant in the middle of their living room, but am inclined to throw the glasses on the floor and make the elephant step on them.  When it comes to the safety and well being of a pet in your care, YOU DARNED WELL BETCHA I'LL SPEAK OUT.  Studies have proven that there are very strong links between those who abuse animals and those who will commit more violent crimes later in life.  Even for those who are 'ignorantly' neglecting and/or abusing, there is a much stronger propensity for them to 'forget' or simply not care to feed his pet or bring it in out of the freezing rain for the night.  The same person will run your elderly mother down with his car as she crossed the street  and then sue your family for damage done to his car. 

Quite different are these ways of caring or in some ways not caring for pets.  None are illegal, but some could be viewed as somewhat abusive or in poor taste for the dog's best health.  So what if you are taken to court for a silly ridiculous reason that would just boggle your mind, so you decide to fight it, just on principal. All that you expect of yourself is that you will drag it out in the court procedure and thumb your nose at the system that has so many flaws. But when you appear in front of a judge ( or in my case 32 different ones in just 3 1/2 years) and most of them simply dismissed the charges against me due to their total lack of knowledge surrounding the issue at hand.  When the agency that actually filed the charges was asked by the courts to provide the description of the written law,  even they could not do it as one would expect.

Let me just say before going any farther, that everyone involved in this case or even living in the same county certainly came away with a much greater understanding and appreciation of what a dog rescuer must go through to avoid jail time, yet how very much they have in common with the animal control officers and agency that are the source of most of their headaches and nightmares.  I'm trying to  paint you a picture of all that lead up to this,  what I learned and how I learned it, but most importantly,   what I plan to do with the information.  My biggest challenge here is to write this in a way that everyone will see the value and importance of humane education for almost every age and income level of living humans, but really begin a serious effort to include this in our nations' schools normal curriculum.

When I got into training for my rescue dogs, I was even more amazed at how people in southern CA would just give me $1,000 without blinking an eye, but then expected their dog (s) to be trained from that point on - didn't want to have to ''do '' things once they got the dog home. Since most of my training was 'labeled' behavior modification' it was really only showing the people that training, as most of you picture it in their mind, is not necessary to have a good dog. If you will simply give the puppy or kitten all the love, exercise and socialization for the first 2-3 years that it is clearly telling you it needs, then you will most assuredly have one of the best and most perfectly matched pets that anyone could ever ask for. Likely to be at your side loving and protecting for upwards of 15 years nowadays.

The ignorance of MOST people when they bring me a dog that has an aggression problem - AND THEN TO GET THE HUMANS TO CHANGE THEIR OWN BEHAVIOR is like pulling teeth. Quite frankly, the ignorance by almost everyone on the issues of proper care and responsibility of their pets is more than words can describe I believe. I decided that nationwide humane education program was the best - no, the ONLY means of ever seeing resolve towards the issues of protecting the animals.

Not promoting activism, protests, bans or boycotts. Simple Knowledge. Understanding that each of our decisions has an impact that causes harm, discomfort or death to animals and the environment every day. So, why in the world has it been going on so long and, although seeing some improvements, we still kill good healthy living beings by the millions in this country each year. Not for sport. Not for profit, and not for food or clothes, but simply out of sheer ignorance of humans.


Throughout the book I plan to explain my role as a rescuer: All that I wanted to do, all that I had to do to adopt the dogs out, to avoid any battles with the law, and how it simply took over my life in a very short time. When I believe in something, and am pushed backwards a step, I then will push forward 2, maybe 3 steps regardless, in order to show my point. By the same token, I could clearly see that rescue was NOT where I needed to spend the rest of my life, but by using all the ignorant and irresponsible stories that were given to me by the thousands of families who ''WERE FORCED TO GET RID OF THEIR DOG'' for some ridiculously weak excuse, I could take that information and put it to good use.

If ignorance is educate-able, the there just absolutely MUST be some movement for humane education. Seeing how these otherwise educated and caring folks just simply could not accept 'learning' a different way to do things, and recognizing that I was much like that also in many circumstances, I also realized right up front that this would not be anything geared towards the adults, but to the children. Children are already in the mindset of learning at school and have brains much like sponges that will absorb anything we throw at them. Doing a good enough job, we could only hope that they would also share their new found knowledge with the adults in their homes also. Trying to teach an adult a new and better way to provide for his/her pet is much like convincing your spouse that YOU WERE RIGHT in that argument you had last night. Just ain't gonna happen.

speaking.jpg (51884 bytes)

I'd been taking my Dalmatians into schools and classrooms for almost 10 years before I began to think of a larger and more detailed and substantive program on a nationwide scale, so by the time I re grouped my entire presentation, included dogs other than Dalmatians

Those rescue women are idiots and you will hear me confirm this several times in this book. Anyway, I actively pursued other dogs and have a black lab, basset hound, white German shepherd, pit bull and a full coyote. I'm so glad I expanded my family.

It was AFTER I thought of taking this to a much larger scale when I finally began experiencing all this trouble in Riverside County with their 'Hillbilly Mafia' called the Board of Supervisors and the criminal element who ran and still does run the Riverside County Animal Control in Riverside as well as the Lake Elsinore Animal Friends who seem to spend most of their time wallowing and basking in the imaginary fame and accomplishments and never really seem to get anything of substance done. Oh Wait, They do get a lot of political rumblings and jabs at any and all other animal groups, so that they would always remain at the top of the heap and continue to be the most favored and most respected. NOTHING WILL STAND IN THEIR WAY to assure their first place standing will be a battle to the death with anyone who feels they may challenge it. This was their way of 'working together' and always amazed me.

I was in this for the true reason of helping the animals. NOT ONCE DID I THINK OF DOING THIS SO I COULD MAKE MORE FRIENDS!!! And, it's a good thing, too.

The reason for writing this book is to  incorporate my trials and tribulations of battling with authorities and  to show just how totally ignorant we all were when this first began.  All the way up through the animal control officers and even to many of the judges I appeared in front of.  If you have a weak stomach or are quite emotional don't worry at all.  We will laugh, cry,  hate, fear and much more.   While reading this book you'll be pulling your hair out in clumps and will likely threaten to take someone's life out of sheer frustration.  A week stomach and 'emotional' states will be welcomed after you're done here. 
When I first arrived in Southern California I lived in the Hollywood hills for two years and then moved to Dana Point along the beach between the Harbor and the Ritz Carlton. My experiences with rescue efforts came in every imaginable shape, size color, smell and degree of difficulty. I had my Dalmatian as well as one of her puppies at my side everywhere I went. Not being a drinker or dancer, I spent my weekends walking along Sunset or Hollywood Blvds for entertainment and was sometimes viewed as 'the entertainment' as well. People would approach me to ask if I would be able to take their Dalmatian because it was just not behaving for them. This would happen 2-3 times per year. Each one of them came into our home and just couldn't have been nicer. No aggression, no pottying in the house, Followed the lead of Maddy and Aja quickly, so there was no trouble at all. It certainly didn't take long for me to see that people did not understand this breed and soon after that recognized that most Americans don't understand their pets in general and don't care to learn either.

Then when my vet suggested that I list myself as a rescuer I was surprised to hear of such a thing, but did so immediately. Within a month, I was getting calls 2 times a week for people who wanted to get rid of their Dalmatians. Since I was living in a one bedroom condo, that was not possible, but I was willing to go to their home and help them see their way through to having a dog very like mine. They even began to pay me for that. I thought it was a good way to make friends. Thus I formed California Canine College and appointed myself the Dean of Students. Tuition for your child included housing, all class time and food. It was very soon overwhelming, though. The surprising part was that I got a call from a woman named Carol Harris president of the southern Ca Dalmatian Breeders Club or something and she just questioned me, my knowledge of the breed, my tactics for placing the dals and ultimately at the end of the 90 minute phone call, said that she would do anything and everything possible to get me out of Dalmatian Rescue efforts because I was jeopardizing their very safety and existence with my ignorance of the breed. Most of all, her anger was due to my failure to bow down and salute at her presence. She was like that.

I even went to a dog show once to meet some of the Dal people and although they were very nice, she was very rude and just told me to get the hell out of there. Now over the following three years, I was getting emails and phone calls from people telling me that at the beginning of every meeting, she would spend about 5 min at the start, by raking my name over the coals and placing the fear of God into the souls of all her members. Now mind you, I was not aware of any 'application process' or hiring that was required, I was simply helping these animals to find a better home the second time around. Never took money for that. So what's the problem? Well, you see, it was Carol's 'domain of power' and her two cohorts in crime, Connie Light and Carol Herboldt both did their fair share of slamming my name and spreading rumors and lies as well. Just a trio of 'lovely women'.

The contract that I had, (which although most rescuers do have contracts - they fail to enforce them) was simple. Feed your dogs ''this'', allow them to sleep inside the house at night and a limited number of other things including the fact that if I ever had proof that these were being broken, I could come and remove the dog from their home. There were several occasions when I would pass by an adoptees' home and find the dog tied to a post at 9:30 at night while the family was inside watching TV. As you can expect, when I approached the residents to take the dog, they would slam the door in my face, come at me with a baseball bat or even worse. I would then call the police and explain the situation and they would usually tell me that is a civil matter and they could do nothing. My reply to them was '' Well, being the peace officers you are, you can either come now and prevent a massive battle from developing or you can come in 20 minutes when the neighbors begin reporting several people fighting violently out into the streets." They were always there in short order. Thanks to the contents and signature on the contract I presented, they would allow me to take possession of the dog and suggest the homeowner sue me if they felt I had overstepped my bounds. Nobody ever did.

Having already experienced many news articles and TV news features in L.A. I would receive calls from 'anonymous sources telling me that their neighbors had a Dalmatian that was being mistreated or in one occasion, neglected. This family in Newport Beach had gone on vacation and tied their dal to a tree. After receiving many inches of rain and them extending their vacation for another 10 days, I arrived at the home, with the neighbors there to guide me and the poor dog was soaking wet, his food all floating in the rain water and he just jumped into my arms with glee. We named him Lightning and he was a phenomenal dog. He'd not had any love or attention in his short life and was grateful to be treated with love and respect. The neighbors all called once I returned home to thank me. So many times I drove past that home and had I ever seen anyone home, I would have stopped in to tell them what I thought of them and exactly what I did.

I would receive some of the most ignorant calls you could imagine. ''I have a litter of puppies that you have to take - we don't want them'' and then demand that I pay them $50 each. When asked why they didn't have their two dogs spayed and neutered, their reply was ''Well, we got brother and sister and didn't think they could get pregnant." I always wondered, with a stupid comment like that if they had ever checked their own family tree.

More than once I received a call from women who would cry and cry about how they hated to part with their beloved dog, but that their decorator had insisted they change the color scheme in the living room to earth tones and that the Dalmatians no longer matched. ''We've already adopted two cocker spaniels and the Dalmatians must go".

''Has anyone ever called you a bitch"? and then, out of the clear blue sky, they would become angry. Go figure.

Then the most common is how they hated to loose their wonderful pet, but were moving into a place that didn't accept dogs. They why would you move into a place like that? Trust me, with California being one of the most difficult places to rent with a pet, I was always able to rent EVEN THOUGH they knew I did rescue and would come with my two plus the occasional 2-3 extras until they found homes. So, renting, although more difficult to find, is certainly an option.

One young man who had adopted a Dalmatian from me called and said he was getting 'some difficult reactions' from Ms. Harris and Ms. Herboldt due to the fact that his family had spent some enormous amount of money on one of her prime championship breeding puppies from her several months earlier and then he and his family had recently adopted one of my available rescue dogs. her comment was 'You put that low life dog pound trash with my championship puppy????? And followed up with threats to sue them and take the dog away. Hard feelings all around ensued.

But the young man come down with his two dogs one evening so all the dogs could play. Living in San Juan Capistrano at the time, we sat around and talked while the dogs played. Then we walked all the way to the beach with them and let them get wet and walked home. After arriving home, I continued to work on refinishing a desk I had started.

The young man watched me in the garage as he sat in the yard with all the dogs and we still continued to talk. At 12:30pm a Costa Mesa Police car showed up into my driveway and from the back seat emerged Carol Harris and the young man's parents. (by the way, the guy was 21, graduated college and was NOT out after curfew) The Problem of his having her championship dog in the same home as a damn dirty rescue dog ESPECIALLY ONE THAT THAT RANDY WARNER PLACED WITH YOU was still not resolved, but on this particular evening, he had been scheduled to go to Carols' house for some show training and failed to appear.


After several irate and frightening calls to the parents, they felt they should be erring on the side of caution and agreed to come down to my home. That still wasn't satisfactory to Carol. She actually put in a report of a missing boy at the hands of a sexual deviant and convinced the Costa Mesa police (30 miles away) that they absolutely must go down there so they could catch me in the act and save the man's life.

When they pulled into the driveway, all four dogs were laying down beside him after a lot of fun that afternoon and evening. He and I nearly 30 feet apart and were exchanging smart remarks and jabs and laughing as the police car pulled in.

Ms. Harris got out of the back seat of the police car and didn't know quite what to say. Dogs are more than fine and the young man is safe and obviously sticking around at his own will. His parents were not completely surprised and took me aside and said that they truly didn't wish to come to my home - especially this way. The son was MORTIFIED. Very angry at Carol and somewhat embarrassed at the actions of his parents that really embarrassed him that evening.

As time progressed, he and I lost touch. But I spoke to his sister several years later. She had taken my rescue dog and he had kept the show dog to avoid legal action by Carol.

Throughout this period of years, the media just found a story in my efforts somehow and began doing stories on me in LA Times, several smaller local papers and even on the Los Angeles TV News several times. This did not sit well with Queen Carol and her court. After all, they had done this longer and placed more dogs that I had, so why in the world would they dig my ass out of the gutter and make me look like a good person. In time, I began to have little respect for any of the Dalmatian rescue people because they would all rather jump on the bandwagon to fault me and paint my efforts in an unflattering light because they were all followers. They had no choice but to follow Carol Harris. She was a bully.

When visiting a dog park the following year, a woman approached our group of Dalmatian owners to inform us that Carol Harris had died. Since I was the only one who had really met her, the rest did know who she was ., I got up on the table and danced a to a chorus of 'Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead”.

The bickering and backstabbing has become so outrageously vicious and time consuming among the nation's rescuers that I hesitate to say that the internet has actually harmed their otherwise noble efforts. My goodness, the damage that they can do to each other!!!!!!

I've gotten caught up with organizations such as Bear Mountain Dog Rescue in Big Bear CA where the woman, Myriam Mourani had formed a rescue, but allowed all her dogs to suffer tremendously using the excuse that she didn't have the funds to help them, but still refused to allow others to visit her facility to help out. Dogs dying of rattle snake bites, lack of food and water and animal control only happened to visit when the containers were full so never wrote her up. Rescues from all over were trying to offer help in an effort to get in and help to close her down and save the remaining animals. She just exploded when they wanted to know what was going on. The caretaker she hired was a heroine addict and had muscular dystrophy and couldn't even leave his trailer. Was also forced to use the bathroom outside with no plumbing or portable facilities. He died there of an overdose and was found 3 days later.

Financial discretions began to surface from all parts of southern CA. After many complained to authorities, they charged her with scamming senior citizens out of millions of dollars and spending it on 'stuff'. Breast enlargement, paying off her divorce attorney, flying her boyfriend to Tahiti - all the money was donated to her to save her animals. The court ruled that she could have no further involvement in non profits or animal related activities and to sell her sanctuary. She did none of that and is still operating the facility with 5 or 6 dogs and never missed a step. I testified on behalf of the US Postal authorities for fraudulent mailings as well as the State Atty General's office for much misconduct I'd presented evidence against the legitimacy of her claims.

Henry county Kentucky's judges brought high school students to the local dog pound to shoot them for $3/hr. they weren't a very good shot because for years, locals near the dump site complained that they were kept awake due to animals crying all night long that were not yet dead. The judges did nothing until Dateline came out to do a story. Hurray for the two men who secretly video taped this horrific crime.

In addition to this, throughout the rescue world, the bickering, finger pointing, backstabbing and slanderous remarks against each other is to a level of disbelief. They never have solid information, but only hearsay from those who they just slammed and belittled the week prior. It's more of a game for positioning to all of them than an effort to save the animals.

Here is an article regarding the Las Vegas groups that appeared in AR-NEWS in 2003:

LAS VEGAS MAKES CONSCIOUS DECISION TO KILL MORE ANIMALS THAN OTHER CITIES IT'S SIZE. Lives, nor even the safety of innocent animals fall short of the almighty dollar.

"Oh, Praise Mary Hero Almighty" or so she demands anyway.

TO: The Las Vegas Media Community and Residents

It's not likely that many of you who live in the Vegas area will ever see this or have a single idea that this huge scandal exists and is continuing in your community.

As in all crime stories, there is a 'boss' and the 'triggerman' or in this case 'trigger woman'. Janie Greenspun will play the part of the 'boss' here and her 'trigger woman' will be known as Mary Hero who made her millions from the Animal foundation.

These two women are about to launch yet another campaign to raise millions off the backs of dying innocent animals through deceitful and highly questionable fundraising practices they've made so much money from over the years right under your noses. It seems as though using the poor animals to raise funds for their luxurious homes and lifestyles isn't enough. Since the mainstream public in Las Vegas has no time to find out the facts, the two women are now the likely candidate to receive the County's animal control contract in 2005 issued by the Clarke County Supervisors - worth $millions - yes, the same ones who are under investigation by the FBI on several illegal dealings and operations they have been involved with, USING YOUR TAX MONEY!! One would quickly assume that the entire group is somehow involved in undermining the reputation as well as the operations of the city. The Clark County board of supervisors is likely to award the contract for animal control to her in 2005. There are other qualified entities in Clark County who would be much more suitable for this contract, but until the public realizes that the problems that the animal facilities face is actually the fault of the community at large, the awarding of this contract seems to be a given. The county refuses to budget appropriately and nobody receiving this contract will be able to make the appropriate changes that make the difference until the community is made aware of who is actually running the majority of the animal orgs and learn to make necessary changes in their lives as well.

The simple fact that they have spent so much time in pointing fingers and accusing others of so many things, proves three things: 1.these two women do NOT hold the safety and welfare of the animals in the highest esteem and would rather divert the public's attention away from what isreally going on , 2. they forget what they are 'supposedly' accepting the money to accomplish - as if there just arent' enough animals to help, so they use extra time and money to make this a competition, and 3. the community is quite unaware that they are being 'taken' in this game they play. NOBODY WINS, but the animals really loose. Now, it's not the millions of dollars they've made from running the Animal Foundation for so many years. Anyone who can solve these problems in a community or our nation should be made a billionaire on the spot. But the animal problems continue in Clarke County. This type of bickering leaves the good people who actually try to help the animals, to fend for themselves and eat off the bottom of the barrel. They are the ones who will really make a difference, but are pushed aside and forced to close.

Janie, the 'boss' is known to sue anyone who just might stand up and look as if they may be pointing a finger at her. Many even suggest fear of personal injury or harm to themselves, by Mary Hero and her daughter, should they speak out. One who is actually being the complete opposite of a caring individual is most appropriate to describe Ms. Greenspun. Finally, one who needs to be exposed and stopped.

The attempted ouster of Hero came last summer just a few weeks after the entire management team of the Lied Animal Shelter from 2001-2002 called for Mary Herro's removal as president. This team included two veterinarians, and three managers, and the former director of operations there.. They all stood together to blow the whistle on the fraud and mass killing at the Lied Animal Shelter, particularly after Mary reinstated her horrible daughter Stacy as the manager of the shelter. The result? More than 800 killings in just one month -- June of 2002!! (The board did demand and receive Stacy's dismissal.)

Meanwhile, they raise money and hold themselves out as a no-kill sanctuary. This while animals are slaughtered just for having ringworm or kennel cough, or are killed in mass numbers out of Lost & Found - never even making it to adoptions - if considered old, ugly, or otherwise chosen for death. In addition, many know that the Animal Foundation failed its two audits by the city
(one in 1998, the other in 2001).

So, hundreds of thousands of animals are now poised to head to the notorious Animal Foundation over the next several years to come. The Foundation has sued many of its most vocal critics, and the Nevada SPCA and others, hoping to bankrupt everyone who dare stand in their way and squash our voices in favor of humane care for animals. The suit is completely malicious, and we're still considering actions we'll take against the Foundation for filing the SLAPP Suit (strategic lawsuit against public participation).

In March, in a very high profile case locally, the Foundation mistakenly and needlessly euthanized a family's sweet dog. You can probably review this coverage by searching under "Murrieta" and "Animal Foundation." They admitted it was their fifth mistaken euthanasia in just
30 days or so!

The next step in this sad story comes June 23rd at the meeting of the county's Animal Advisory Committee which will review the county's proposed contract with the Foundation. The committee does not appear to be an independent one -- it has never seemed to oppose the head of county animal control, who is apparently instrumental in getting them appointed. So, there's virtually no hope that the committee will do much of anything but rubber-stamp the proposed contract.

Then, the county commission can race the contract through this summer while it hopes most people aren't paying attention!

The very least that Greenspun and Hero could do is to take their 'hard-earned' monies they have stolen and apply it towards some humane education in the local schools. The entire valley could use education on humane issues, stricter laws for backyard breeders who are the single largest contributing factor, and more low cost spay neuter clinics. Those students who have completed a fact-based, aggressive humane education courses which range from 3-5 hours per school year by volunteers, actually have a higher grade point average, develop less violent resolution techniques, improved attendance and much more responsible behavior than their parents. Children would learn that, in order to reduce taxes, reduce the number of unwanted pets and killings that accompany them, eliminate the platform for unscrupulous business people who gain from the problems and to have a more compassionate community - even society, you must begin teaching humane education in the schools so they can make the correct decisions to do it right in the first place.

It would be a sad legacy to leave the children of the Las Vegas area to have them and the rest of the nation and the world, see that Las Vegas feels that moral have no place in business. No doubt there is more to the story, but this is a start. This author suggests that all animal organizations in Las Vegas make a concerted effort to seeing humane education in the Clark County School System for one full year and leave the name of their orgs on the side line. Only the message to the young people has any value for this period of 365 days.

Now, within the week after this article ran in AR _NEWS, it was also published in Las Vegas City Life. It was then that I began to recieve calls from Greenspun supporters and even her daughter. Each one of them wanted to work their magic to convince me that I was wrong, but spent most of their time belittling all other groups, trying to defend their name and reputation.

I also recieved a call from the Nevada SPCA - Doug is the supervisor there. Again, did not wish to speak of the issues that would clean up the mess but chose to spend his time belittling the other organizations and showing how they should be forced to close.

The most interesting call I recieved was a conference call from the San Diego Area who had just recently hired Mary Hero's daughter just 3 months earlier, and with great regret, had just read my article. ''What would you suggest we do Mr. Warner? We've not had any adoptions during her reign here and ended up killing over 1,000. She refuses to allow anyone into the facility for adoptions claiming she has to clean up ''our'' messes.' I told them to hang up the phone and call the police and get a restraining order against her returning to the facility ever again.

When I brought up the idea of merging together in order to present a unified front for humane education, none of the three entities who called wanted to listen to the idea, but to make sure that I was aware that they had already begun a program like this. The AF response, "Mr. Warner, I'll have you know we do already have a very substantial humane education program for the schools in place and we're working on limited funds." Knowing that they had just recently received a grant specifically for humane education in the amount of $50,000, I asked her to explain. ''We spent three full days with two of our volunteers in the local school for the mentally challenged''.

Then there was a pause and I finally broke in to ask '' And what happened to the remaining 278,000 students in the Clark County School System? Is that what you plan to spend the $50,000 on?'' Her answer? ''Mr. Warner, you obviously don't understand how to get these programs implemented into a classroom. That money is long gone and we spent it wisely." So, 3 days in a classroom with 2 volunteers cost them $50,000?  Of course when I reminded them that there were still 278,000 students who were unaccounted for in her humane education program, she hung up on me.

There is a tremendous amount of money in animal protection movement.  People can see with their own eyes all the animals that are being saved.  Not nearly as many people have the vision towards education. That is clearly why it is not being followed up on, nor why the funding is not there.  The general public cannot 'see '' it.

Each one was determined to convince me that they were the only ones that mattered and the other one was completely wrong.

Hero has been fired and then rehired several times over the years. She has enough money saved from her time heading up the AF that she can bring attorneys to her defense at the drop of a hat. The very first call I received was from Mr. Brown, an attorney who spent an hour and a half questioning my involvement with other groups.

The end result was that each and every representative from the various organizations I spoke to was determined to convince me why they 'CAN'T' work together on such an effort as opposed to any of them listening to the project outline or trying to view a unified front. Each one also determined to convince me that their organization should be the only one who should be respected and allowed to continue.

Have they all failed to help the animals? I would have to say in this particular community - one with an exploding population, an absolute YES

Absolute Power corrupts, absolutely!!!

Compare this to Flagstaff AZ where each and every one of the animal organizations work together to support the other. When a community event takes place they all attend and anxiously listen to the success stories of the others. When the occasions arise where one or more are unable to attend a given event, the others take it upon themselves to include flyers and info regarding the missing groups, to ensure their 'presence' for that event. It comes back to the end result of everyone working together to help the animals.

Politics is a natural means of positioning in all walks of life. However, it kills animals.

For those of you who find this odd and out of place from what you assumed about the rescue world, please read the following. It was written by a fellow rescuer out of Colorado and is so very appropriate to this part of the entire story.

Saddened By Today's Rescue Efforts

I am saddened to see a disturbing trend that Animal Rescue people around the country can become entrenched in the political and personality conflicts that seems to defeat the whole purpose of rescuing those more defenseless then ourselves. I'm sure this is nothing new, however it's something that Need's to become extinct.

It appears to me that by the very nature of the work we do, trying to save as many animals as we can, we can become lost in the concept that ONLY *I* can do the job right. Instead of noting how much someone IS doing we feel the need to point out the things that they aren't doing, or that we might do differently. Unfortunately that is the very disease that corrupts the foundation of Animal Rescue. It is easy to become so focused on the bad things that we see, we forget about the good things we see. This continuous negativity, can strangle the roots of any rescue organization and cause irreparable damage. When time and energy is spent focusing on personality conflicts and intolerance of other methods that might not exactly match our own, it takes that much time and energy away from the business of saving animals.

In a perfect world all VOLUNTEERS would have 28 hours a day to dedicate to the animal rescue work that they do. Everyone would agree on training methods, care protocols, and placement standards. Each foster would have enough room to house all their foster animals in a home atmosphere instead of a kennel, the rescue organization would have enough money to furnish the best food, treats, and absolute maximum suggested veterinary care available.

But alas, this is not a perfect world. Rescue VOLUNTEERS juggle jobs, family, their own pets, medical issues, personal problems, AND their volunteer work. Standards shift, beliefs and ideals may clash with others, but I choose to believe that each VOLUNTEER is doing everything THEY believe they can to help the organization. And I haven't walked in their shoes. I don't know what bills they can and cannot pay, at fights they may be having with family and friends. I don't know how many hours they already dedicate to Rescue so I shouldn't judge what they do give.

Today as I sit at work, juggling Animal Rescue calls about various issues, this whole struggle sinks home.

Would I be appreciated for the things I had done, the accomplishments I had achieved, for the effort I made, or would I be criticized for my methods, judged by all that was left to be done?

In this electronic, fast past, hectic world I believe we have at times lost sight of the very foundation of "good will to man". We have forgotten, or don't have time to remember, that, caring, compassion, and kindness are the very foundations of what Animal Rescues are based on.

So the next time we are prone to criticizes someone else's job, point out their flaws or faults, discourage someone else's efforts because their methods don't match ours we need to stop. We need to consider their efforts. We need to praise and acknowledge the good they ARE doing. If we want to save animals we have to save ourselves from each other first. Otherwise we lose the very people who are willing and able to help us accomplish our goals. We need to stop jumping to conclusions and attacking each other before we discover the facts and consider all options and beliefs.

Our methods may be different, our standards may not be identical, but our goals are the same. Words can hurt, they do cause pain, they can scar, and they can cause retreat, flight, and failure. Or they can cause hope, they can cause accomplishments, they can cause change and success. We decide which by our actions, our tolerance, and our understanding. Are we going to work to our maximum potential or are we going to get lost in the struggles of politics and egos? And who suffers the most when we are lost?

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