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Measures to stop livestock taping stall in USA

DES MOINES, Iowa � Efforts to outlaw the undercover recording of animal abuse in livestock operations appear to have stalled in Iowa and other states in the face of complaints that the proposals were intended primarily to protect the industry with little concern for animals' welfare.

A measure to punish those who make secret videos initially appeared to be sailing through the Iowa Legislature, but after clearing the state House it has sputtered out in the Senate and appears dead for this session. Similar measures also have faltered in Minnesota, Florida and New York.

The issue is important to livestock operators, who claim their industry has been tarred by people who lie to obtain jobs, then stitch together videos that they upload to the Internet in an effort to make the treatment of hogs, cattle and chickens look as cruel as possible. Livestock owners and their supporters say the groups' ultimate goal is to convince Americans to forgo meat and adopt vegan lifestyles.

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