On Saturday, January 16th at 2PM, Bite Club will again protest the vivisection of primates at KU Medical Center. Our activists will be at the intersection of 39th and State Line and we will publicly display an alternative test subject for KU Med Center and challenge them to have the courage to capture and torture him against his will, as they are doing with primates.

Here's some background on the increasingly heated exchange between Bite Club and KU Med: want_access_to_research_labs_at_ku_med.php#more

We have some activists coming all the way from Springfield, MO for this demo. You won't want to miss it!


Jason Miller

Here is the latest with KU Med Center. Please cross-post, link, and email this article widely:

PLEASE NOTE: Bite Club will be holding a protest against this abomination at KU Med on Saturday, January 16, at 2PM on the corner of 39th and State Line. Please make and bring an anti-vivisection sign and round up as many protestors as you can! Email or call me if you need directions or have other questions.

For the animals,


Journal Entry by Jason Miller

From: Jason Miller
Sent: Monday, January 11, 2010 1:48 AM
To: ''Cc: ''; ''; Ricky Setticase; Camille Marino; Carolyn McCormick; Carolyn. Szczepanski; David Mitchell w/Absurdity of Vivisection;;; Ziegler, Laura A.; (;;;;; Ray Read; Stacey Rakic; Sunil Potnis; Sylvia Riley; ''; ''; ''; 'Hockridge, Stephanie'; 'Lane Ferrante'Subject: RE: Your 'ethical' enslavement and torture of sentient,intelligent, and social beings.

Dear Ms. Nielsen,

Sorry for the delayed response, but I've been preoccupied with other animal defense issues.

In light of this 12/31/09 article from the Kansas City Star, I fully understand why you would deny our request to observe and document the 'ethical research' funded by our tax money and why you would also bar the media from entry to your laboratories.

As I'm sure you are aware, Mara Rose Williams of the Star wrote:
USDA cites KU Medical Center for violation of animal protection laws'The University of Kansas Medical Center has been cited for about 160 violations of federal animal protection laws during experiments at university laboratories'.'.The USDA report describes how monkeys that were afflicted with an infectious disease were left to suffer from extreme weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea and neurological disorders for at least a day after they met criteria for euthanization. The monkeys were part of a study funded by the National Institutes of Health. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has called for the NIH to take back federal grant dollars awarded to KU Medical Center for that research in which the violations occurred''

The USDA laws are a joke in the eyes of those of us who believe that all sentient beings have the basic rights to live free from human-inflicted slavery, torture, and murder. And your torture facility doesn't even respect and maintain the basic LEGAL standards of care mandated by the USDA. Yet you had the audacity to squawk to the media that the ''materials publicly distributed in the Kansas City area by protestors contained gross inaccuracies' when we protested against your incarceration and vivisection of innocent, defenseless primates? Your arrogance is astounding!

Why haven't you responded to Carol McCormick's courageous and sincere offer to take the place of the monkeys whom are suffering at the hands of your empathy-deficient, malevolent 'researchers?'

I also wanted to remind you that while Bite Club and our members engage in aggressive activism, we act in above-ground and legal ways. However, some of those in the animal rights movement, whom we don't know nor know how to contact, aren't so patient or nonviolent:

While I have no knowledge of their identities, whereabouts, plans, or activities, I would be quite surprised if the militant direct activists of our movement didn't have KU Med on their radar screen.

The Star also wrote:

'In response to the USDA inspection, KU Medical Center has spent $1.1 million, $700,000 of it in federal stimulus money, to upgrade facilities and hire a Princeton University scientist as executive director of the lab.'While ultimately my colleagues and I are calling for an end to vivisection at KU Medical Center, in the interim, we want evidence that you are now adhering to the USDA's basic standards of care for our primate friends.

Please provide Bite Club and each person/entity CC'd in this email (which includes the local media) with video evidence that you are complying with federal laws as you spend our tax dollars to torture monkeys.
Jason Miller

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