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Decrying KU Med's Perverse Obsession with Torturing Animals

Decrying KU Med’s Perverse Obsession with Torturing Animals….

Posted by thomaspainescorner on May 23, 2010

Journal Entry by Jason Miller


Yesterday Bite Club gathered again at the busy Kansas City intersection of 47th and Main. Our goal was to inform significant numbers of people that the University of Kansas Medical Center continues to squander vast sums of our tax money to feed their addiction to animal cruelty. We succeeded, as thousands of passers-by heard our message, read our signs and accepted our fliers.

As a reminder of KUMC’s moral primitivism:

As an added bonus, we got a verbal shot at a couple of the empathy deficient carriage drivers who exploit horses….

Bite Club to KU Med: We will not relent…..

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