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Hunter Claims Harassment

[Press of Atlantic City]

LONG BEACH TOWNSHIP - Township Solicitor Richard Shackleton said he
has nothing to apologize for after an animal-rights group videotaped
him shooting live pigeons at a Philadelphia gun club.

In the video, which was shot by Showing Animals Respect and Kindness,
or SHARK, Shackleton curses at the two women who videotaped him taking
part in the live pigeon shoot Feb. 20 outside the gun club. The video
has been posted to the Web site YouTube.

Stuart Chaifetz, an investigator in Cherry Hill, attended the Long
Beach Township meeting April 9 to confront Shackleton and the Board of
Commissioners. He said Shackleton said the most horrible thing he
could say to a woman and then he drove away.

"This was such a horrible, hateful thing he did. I wanted to confront
him in public about it. We were going to give him a chance to
apologize or at least at some level he would be held accountable for
what he did," said Chaifetz, of Cherry Hill, Camden County.

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