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Harvard Kills Primates demo, Sunday, 03-25-2012

March 15, 2012
Harvard Kills Primates demo, Sunday, 25 March, from 1-3:00 pm (info below)

Many of you are already aware of the atrocities that have and continue to happen at Harvard Medical School. For a University Official to step down as the fall guy is unprecedented.

Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN) has asked me to be the local spokesperson / coordinator to keep the heat on Harvard. If anyone knows of any upcoming events, i.e. with Harvard Alumni in attendance, etc. please let me know as we need to hold more protests.

Please join me and other activists on Sunday, 25 March, from 1:00-3:00 pm in Harvard Square in front of The Out of Town News Stand. This is where we held our last demo in January. Please disseminate widely to your friends and families. Post on your Facebook pages, etc. Anything to get the word out. Our aim is to eventually get Harvard to close it's primate testing laboratory. With your help, we just may accomplish this!

As of now, during the Week for Animals in Laboratories - 21-29 April, I am arranging another demo for April 28th. We are expecting people from out of town to attend this demo. If any of you can open your home for one night to allow one of the protester's a place to sleep would be much appreciated. I will keep everyone posted as the time draws nearer.

First things first, I need all of you to come and join us March 25th in Harvard's neighborhood, to let them know we do not approve of them torturing, abusing, killing, and not properly caring for primates in their care!

Any questions, etc. - please contact me.

For All Animals,


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