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Greenpeace Pod asks for help
Subject: The pod needs your help

The pod being taken by the police onto a Danish warship


I was standing on the bridge of the Esperanza, watching through binoculars from outside the 500 metre exclusion zone.

The police chose a sudden snowstorm to make their move. I was in the Arctic off the coast of Greenland, where our tiny survival pod had been hanging off the massive, imposing Leiv Eiriksson oil rig for an incredible five days. We'd prevented drilling for that entire period.

With a sinking heart, I watched as they smashed open the hatch and pulled out our two activists, before lowering the pod and towing it away in a Danish warship.

This pod, as well as our first survival pod, is now locked away in a distant police station, never to be seen again. That's why I'm asking you today to help build a new pod.

The summer drilling window, when melting sea ice means oil companies can rush in to begin drilling, starts in just two months. We must be ready to face them in the icy waters of the Arctic. These oil giants don't imagine for a second that a small group of activists like us stand any chance of stopping their greedy run on Arctic oil. But Mrs Pollard, I want us to be there, ready and waiting, and this survival pod is the only thing we're missing right now.

If we aren't prepared, then there will be no one standing in the way of these oil rigs and a potentially devastating spill in the Arctic. Yes, the authorities will try to stop us -- but if we don't do this, then who will? The truth is, without a pod, we simply can't do it. Please take a minute to make a donation here.

I've learned how terrifying it can be for us to do this work without a pod. Watching the footage of our international head, Kumi Naidoo, being hosed with freezing water in an Arctic action against the Russian oil company Gazprom showed me that it can be incredibly risky to attempt this work without the protection of a pod.

Today I'm in Europe, to finalise the build plans for this pod. This has to be the strongest and most resilient pod we've ever built. But we won't have one if we don't come together and raise the �80,000 we need.

From the smallest shackle pin all the way to the high spec wind turbine attached to the exterior, every part of this pod belongs to all of us. Every contribution counts. Please give now and give us a fighting chance in the Arctic.

Thank you.

Frank Hewetson
Actions Co-ordinator

PS We need to raise money as soon as we can so we can stand up for the Arctic this summer. Please donate now.

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