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Leaked Document: ALF-Prevention And Security Manual For Fur Farms

Posted by Peter Young on Aug 31, 2012 | 1 comment

Animal Liberation Frontline obtains closely-guarded fur farmer security guide.

"Animal rights extremism has been the biggest threat to the well-being of the mink ranching community for the past 30 years." - fur farm security manual

"If an individual or group is determined to enter your property, and willing to risk capture or injury, there is nothing that can absolutely prevent it."

Animal Liberation Frontline has been leaked a 20-page document for fur farmers titled "Site Security: Strategies and Protocols" This manual is circulated to mink and fox farmers by the Fur Commission USA, and provides the most detailed look to date into security protocols fur farmers use to protect themselves against the Animal Liberation Front.

This is a very sensitive document that the fur industry never wanted public. It reveals every detail on how they prevent ALF raids -- from motions sensors to fence tampering sensors and more.

The guide is a manual for both preventing ALF raids, and doing damage control after they have happened. It is the culmination of everything the Fur Commission USA has learned in 17 years of ALF fur farm liberations.


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