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New fur farm list released: "The Blueprint" 2010 supplement

New fur farm list is released with 18 new farms + much more.

The Fur Farm Intelligence Project has released "The Blueprint - 2010 Fall Supplement". This supplement brings together every fur industry address collected since the release of the original Blueprint (a fur farm address list) in December, 2009.

New information provided in this supplement includes:

*18 new fur farms
*Three new feed suppliers
*One new mink researcher
*Eight confirmed farm closures

Download here

In 2009, the Fur Farm Itellligence Project was launched to map the entire fur industry. The Project included a 10- state road trip, where over 200 fur farms were visited and notes collected. In December, 2009, all information collected during the FFIP was released in a document titled The Blueprint. The 64-page collection organized the address of every known fur farm, feed supplier, and other fur industry component.

In the media, fur farmers were quick to call The Blueprint a “terrorist handbook”, while they continued their killing of over 2 million animals annually.

In the 10 months since The Blueprint’s release, volunteers with the Fur Farm Intelligence Project,, the Fur Farm Intelligence Unit, and others have continued to uncover new information on the fur industry, all of which is compiled in this new document.

If you have any new fur farm information, please submit to .

Download the Blueprint 2010 Fall Supplement

Download the original 62-page Blueprint

The Fur Farm Intelligence Project
November, 2010

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