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Michigan Dog Breeder Beat Close To Death, Ear Cut Off For Abusing Pit Bulls


July 27, 2016

A Michigan dog breeder was reportedly tied, beaten and had his ear cut off, possibly in retaliation for his involvement in dog fighting, police say.

The 52-year-old dog breeder from Detroit had at least 16 pit bulls chained up in the backyard of one of his homes, as well as another dozen dogs living in the basement of the house, WJBK reports. The animals were reportedly emaciated and living in terrible conditions.

The breeder was feeding his dogs at one of his properties when three masked men walked up to him and forced him inside the house, his family says. The men tied up the breeder and two of his tenants, and the breeder was reportedly tortured by the men. He was listed in critical condition at local hospital.

According to the victim's cousin, Marty Johnson, the three men "tied [the dog breeder] up, they beat him up pretty bad, broke ribs, broke fingers, stabbed him with ice picks, cut his ear off."

Police sources told WJBK that the breeder may have been targeted due to a possible connection to dog fighting.

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