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Disturbing pigeon display in Redpath Museum in Montreal

Someone who visited Redpath Museum in Montreal, Quebec (a unit of the Mcgill University), saw this disturbing pigeon display and posted the picture on the Wild Bird Fund Facebook. The "Dirty Bird" poster is an ad-poster by PCG (Pigeon Control Group). I found this PCG video on YouTube. WARNING: The video is EXTREMELY disturbing.

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It is shocking, to say the least, to find such an unethical and misleading display in a museum.

The list below are the names and e-mail addresses of staff and faculty of Redpath Museum. Tell them to remove the distasteful display immediately. Redpath Museum: ,  David Green (Director)  Barbara Lawson (Curatorial Staff)  Andrew Hendry and Hans Larsson (Academic Staff)  Ingrid Birker and JackyFarrell (Public Program):

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