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SM Park Deer; DEATH PARK, KS: In Cold Blood Redux

Here are two local TV news depictions of the event:,0,7194114.story

DEATH PARK, KS: In Cold Blood Redux

[Local media coverage of In Cold Blood Redux:,0,7194114.story ]

By Jason Miller
Per the Kansas City Star, 'The Johnson County Park and Recreation District announced today that it will donate the meat from deer killed at Shawnee Mission Park to Harvesters, which will offer the venison to its 550-plus agencies that feed the hungry'.'

Contrary to misguided media portrayal and distorted public perception, we nonhuman animal defenders DO care about exploited, suffering, and impoverished human beings. However, we also recognize that humanity's war on nonhuman animals is the root of all the exploitation, oppression, racism, classism, and patriarchy that plagues our species. Hence, many of us have elected to devote much of our time and energy to fighting for nonhuman animals because they are the most defenseless sentient beings and have the fewest champions. There are myriad individuals, private entities, and public programs serving poor and victimized human beings. Many other people champion humans in need; my allies and I fight primarily for nonhuman animals.

As a personal aside, I have spent hundreds of hours volunteering with local homeless shelters and have helped support those organizations through both monetary and food donations. Two years ago, I spear-headed and organized the Harvester's donations drive at my place of employment. And as a vegan, I have taken the single biggest step one human being can take to reduce the obscene over-consumption of potable water and grains necessary to produce 'meat,' a food of affluence. Worldwatch predicts that our insane demand for 'meat' will double by 2050 due in large part to the rise of capitalist consumerism in India and China.

In short, we don't need to slaughter wildlife in a family suburban park to feed the needy. We've many other ways and means to help the poor. Sorry, Randy, Michael, Lloyd and company, but your attempt to mask the putrid stench of a fetid cesspool with a few squirts of air freshener is an abysmal failure. How stupid do you think the public is?

In response to the deer slaughterers' cynical, deceitful attempt to lend moral legitimacy to their stubborn insistence on massacring hundreds of innocent, defenseless beings, I paid a visit to Death Park (formerly known as Shawnee Mission Park) tonight to give the public a visual representation of the gallons of blood that will flow from the veins of the majestic, semi-tame deer who are to receive bullets to the head as they come to eat the grain the their killers have so 'generously' provided.
Behold, Death Park:

And yes, that's real blood. I procured it from a local meat processor. However, no animals died for the purpose of my action. I merely paid a small fee for a slaughtered animal's blood'blood that would've been destroyed anyway.

Stay relentless for the deer!

Call and/or email the people below to demand that they stop the slaughter and implement Anthony Marr's comprehensive, viable, and cost effective nonlethal deer management plan!
Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson
Kansas Dept of Wildlife Big Game Coordinator Lloyd Fox
620-672-5911 or 785-296-2281
Johnson County Parks Director Michael Meadors and PR Director Randy Knight  and
Johnson County Board of County Commissioners:
Annabeth Surbaugh 913-715-5000
Jim Allen 913-715-0432
C. Edward Peterson 913-715-0431
David Lindstrom 913-715-0433
Ed Eilert 913-715-0434
Doug Wood 913-715-0435
Calvin Hayden 913-715-0436
Watch the video at  and go vegan. Do it for your health, for nonhuman animals and for the Earth!
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