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DDB Founder Tamira Thayne Hospitalized on Day 30 of Hunger Strike

DDB Founder Tamira Thayne Hospitalized on Day 30 of Hunger Strike
Message from Tamira Thayne: 12 needle jabs, five bruises, two IVs (three attempts), and 2 days stay in a hospital later has found me recuperating at my home in Central Virginia with husband Joe, our dog Sloan, and cats Mitsi, Tuna, and foster kitty Princess Vivian. If you have no clue what is going on or why I ended up here, go to to find out more.

On days 29 of my Hunger Strike for Justice in Surry County, VA, I started to feel really sick--nauseous, lethargic, uneasy, and couldn't sleep. I wanted to crawl out of my skin, and kept feeling like I had to throw up, but didn't want to because I knew it would be all acid. I had been doing some veggie broth 4-5 times a week previously, but had cut that off the week before, dropping down to just water. I had also cut out any and all vitamin waters and vitamins of any sort in the same week.

My husband Joe was spending the day in support of my efforts on the courthouse lawn in Surry, across from Commonwealth Attorney Poindexter's office. The day was sunny and warm, and between my feeling ill already and walking in the hot sun, I ending up collapsing around 4:00 p.m.

A couple hours before I collapsed, I started choking and threw up what little water I had in my system.

When I first collapsed, I was diagnosed with a weak, high heartbeat, very low blood pressure, heat exhaustion, and dehydration. Upon further examination at John Randolph Hospital in Hopewell, Va it was determined that I had metabolic acidosis, which is what had me throwing up and kept me hospitalized for two days while they sought to reestablish my ph levels in the body.

At the urging of my doctors, family, friends, and supporters, I began eating again on Day 31 in order to regain health to my body.

Considerable progress was made toward justice during this hunger strike, and this is NOT the time to give up! Please continue to sign and pass along the petition, and write to the people listed on our page.

There is no reason on God's Green Earth that ANY citizen should have to go to the levels I had to go to to seek the justice which is mine and my organization's by right.

County administrator Tyrone Franklin assured our emissary that he would do all in his power to bring about a favorable outcome to this situation, and Commonwealth Attorney Gerald Poindexter called DDB Director of Operations Mark Hyre about coming to a resolution.

Please, keep up the pressure! Not only do Dogs Deserve Better, but in Surry County, the people who work for these dogs do as well. I want to thank everything who supported me throughout what I would describe as the hardest time of my life. Your encouragement, your kindness, and even your pleas to make me stop touched me and let me know there are people out there who care about justice and who care about moral right and wrong. I appreciate you.

I will be writing more in the coming week as I have time to sit back and think about all that has happened, but I wanted to let you know that I am doing better and I should be back at full strength soon.

Please, write to the people listed on our page at, and sign our petition at Dogs Deserve Better and myself can get a positive resolution and be allowed to rescue dogs and help the community without harassment! Help me get there today.

Thank you!

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