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Corruption in PA: Pigeon Shooters Gave $20,000 to PA House Members

October 30, 2014
Corruption in PA: Pigeon Shooters Gave $20,000 to PA House Members


In a stunning article published yesterday in the Philadelphia Inquirer, it was revealed that the Flyers Victory Fund, the political arm of the pro-pigeon shoot organization the Pennsylvania Flyers Association, dumped $20,000 in campaign contributions to 17 members of the Rules Committee ($1,000 each) and House Majority Leader Mike Turzai, who received $3,000.

Though Turzai had promised he was going to allow HB 1750, which banned pigeon shooting and the eating of cats and dogs, to be voted on October 20th, he broke that promise and did not allow the vote to occur. Now that the sudden influx of cash has been revealed, we know why.

The Flyers Victory Fund paid to have the bill killed and were so desperate that they used half of their entire bank account to do it. Legislators like Turzai violated the will and trust of the people in Pennsylvania, who have repeatedly and overwhelmingly said they want the pigeon shoots to end.

That the Flyers Victory Fund poured so much money into the pockets of key legislators three days before the vote - and then the bill was pulled - is the definition of corruption and government that can be bought and sold.

The only way for Majority Leader Turzai to redeem himself is to call for November 12, the last day of the session, to be a voting day and let the House freely vote on the HB 1750.

SHARK is taking out television advertisements this week and continuing through Nov. 12th in Turzai's home district. You can see that video HERE.

Please contact all the House members who received the tainted pigeon shoot PAC money and tell them to demand Mike Turzai let the bill be voted on November 12th.

Mike Turzai $3,000
Telephone: (717) 772-9943

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