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Chickens Under the Bridge

United Poultry Concerns -
29 August 2015

LOVE LETTERS for Chickens Under the Bridge

Animal sacrifice, ritual abandonment and redemption
by the shores of Jamaica Bay, New York Daily News, Aug 21.

In the past week, the New York Daily News has posted 10 Letters of gratitude and appreciation for the powerful video news story "Chickens Under the Bridge" by Pearl Gabel, about a homeless man who's been rescuing and caring for chickens mutilated and abandoned by a Hindu sect in NYC. Here are the published letters in VOICES OF THE PEOPLE:

August 29: Chickens, humans and gods

  An exemplar of human kindness

  Machipongo, Va.: I was deeply moved by Pearl Gabel's telling of the story of a man, Mohammad Yaseen, who knows in his heart, and shows in his life, that we save ourselves through kindness to our fellow creatures, rather than by sacrificing them to insatiable gods who demand suffering, mutilation, and death ("The chickens under the bridge,", Aug. 21)

  Yaseen may be homeless, but if home is where the heart is, this gracious man has an estate worth more than all the gold, bloodshed and chants combined. His sanctuary for chickens under the bridge is a point of light in a dark place, and I am grateful to have met him through Gabel's luminously compassionate coverage. Karen Davis, President of United Poultry Concerns

  Pointing the way to a better world

  Brooklyn: Just imagine how wonderful the world would be if there were more people like Mohammad Yaseen. Rina Deych

August 27: Chicken coo

  Chicken coo

  Chicago: "The Chickens Under the Bridge" (, Aug. 21) was a fascinating story. Thank you for publishing it! Robert Grillo, Executive Director, Free From Harm

  Fair fowl

  Whitehouse Station, N.J.: Thank you very much for "The Chickens Under the Bridge," A really fantastic, powerful story. Kathy Ballance

  Good egg

  Gaithersburg, Md.: Thank you for running the story about Mohammad Yaseen and his rescued chickens. It was moving and touching. What a kind soul. I wish the police would take him seriously. Aaron Rosenzweig

August 26: Cluck of Approval

  Cluck of approval

  Edgewater, Md.: I am so very appreciative of "The Chickens under the bridge" (, Aug. 21). What a wonderful person Mohammad Yaseen is! Chickens are intelligent, sentient beings that are treated by many as the lowest of the low. The chicken industry is bad enough, but there are many other assaults on the chicken, as the Daily News has brought to light. To have taken the time to cover this story means so much! Susan Jablonski

  Keep on pecking

  Manhattan: Thank you for the excellent piece on the tortured chickens under the bridge in Queens. Please follow this story to find out if the NYPD animal cruelty unit is dealing with this terrible problem. Tippi Williams

  Consider the chicken

  Richmond, Va.: I am always so glad when I see a newspaper stand up for the chicken. People don't realize the intelligence of this remarkable bird or its courage in defending its family from predators, some of which are much larger than the chicken. I just can't thank you enough. Please keep publishing articles like this. Karen Karvelis

  Poultry in motion

  Mechanicsville, Va.: Not only the chickens thank you but all of us who respect this noble bird and the problems it has to face in its daily existence. The plight of the chicken and all similar birds must be brought to the fore so the public can start appreciating this bird standing up against all the abuse it endures just to survive. Richard W. Firth

[An earlier letter from a writer in Honolulu also ran, expressing gratitude for
this article, but unfortunately we could not re-locate it today in the Letters
section of the paper. - UPC Editor]

All published letters in VOICES OF THE PEOPLE:

Chickens Under the Bridge:

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