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The Campaign That Changed Everything: SHAC USA

The Campaign That Changed Everything: SHAC USA

The Campaign That Changed Everything: SHAC USA
I challenge everyone to watch this video. To bear witness, speak, demand.
And ACT as one, again.

As a past spokesperson for SHAC USA (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty), I marched beside activists with common purpose: To close Huntingdon Life Sciences - one of the world's largest contract research labs. HLS annually kills some 180,000 animals to test pesticides, fertilizers, cleaners, cosmetics, sweeteners, drugs...anything they're hired to screen.

SHAC USA formed in 2001 to shut down HLS. They targeted HLS customers, suppliers and financiers in an unrelenting campaign of letters, emails, faxes and unprecedented national/local protests.

In 2006, SHAC USA leaders were imprisoned for the "crime" of free speech under the Animal Enterprise Protection Act - an obscure law to protect animal industry profits. Nothing within the animal rights movement has equaled the unity, clarity and presence of SHAC USA.

But I believe we can find that energy again. Please watch this video, share it...and then rise up.

Brenda Shoss
director, Kinship Circle
former SHAC USA spokesperson
Animal Advocacy * Humane Education * Animal Disaster Aid

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