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Animal rights activist accused of writing blog posts calling for death of Wayne State researcher

March 8, 2012 - Animal rights activist can return to Florida until hearing on graphic blog posts, judge rules

Animal rights activist Camille Marino can return to Florida while she awaits a May 2 hearing on whether the First Amendment protects her blog posts about Wayne State University researcher Donal O'Leary, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Marino is accused of repeatedly threatening O'Leary in blog posts and describing how she wants to see him suffer extreme torture in retaliation for research O'Leary conducts on dogs.

O'Leary obtained a restraining order against Marino, along with an order directing her to stop publishing threats against him.

Wayne County Circuit Judge Susan Hubbard ruled against Marino on Wednesday in her argument that Wayne County has no jurisdiction over her because she lives in Florida. Because O'Leary lives in Michigan, the court has the ability to regulate Marino, Hubbard said.

Hubbard lectured Marino, saying she has to scrub her website, her Twitter account and her Facebook account of O'Leary's personal information -- including his home address and home phone number -- for her to remain out of jail.

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Animal rights advocate told to scrub website of threats against WSU prof

A Wayne Circuit Court Judge on Wednesday ordered an animal rights activist to scrub her social media sites of any threatening statements about a Wayne State University professor who does research that involves animals.

Judge Susan L. Hubbard told Camille Marino that she could return to her home in central Florida pending a trial on May 2. But as a condition of her bond, the judge told Marino to remove threatening statements and personal information about professor Donal O'Leary, and refrained from making more threatening statements in the blogosphere before a trial that will be held in May.

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Wayne State University professor Donal O'Leary should die, the blog
post says -- and not a quick death. It should be drawn out and
painful, with no warning that it was coming.

The blog postings on the site "Negotiation is Over" are accompanied by
the home address of and other personal information about O'Leary, who
uses dogs in his research on blood pressure and cardiovascular disease
in humans.

Animal rights activist Camille Marino, 47, of Wildwood, Fla., is
accused of writing the graphic posts, which include a litany of abuses
she claims O'Leary committed against dogs, along with suggestions of
what she wants to happen to O'Leary in return.

Experts say Marino -- who waged "war" with O'Leary through her blog,
in e-mails and on social media sites -- is an emerging national voice
in extreme animal rights circles. They say Marino, unlike other more
mainstream animal activist groups, targets individual researchers.

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