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Hit the Open Road at Bohemian Friday


DUNNVILLE -The Bohemian Friday Cafe stage is set for a free viewing of the Open Road film, Bold Native, on Jan. 17 at 8 p.m. Dylan Powell, a St. Catharines resident who grew up in Dunnville, said he has a passion for screening "engaging documentary films," particularly ones that revolve around the subject of animal liberation.

The young animal activist recently spearheaded a musical Folk Out Festival at the Queen Street Cafe, with all proceeds raised from the evening donated to animal rights organizations. And when he approached Bohemian Friday owner Dick Passmore about showing Bold Native, Passmore quickly agreed to provide the free venue, adding he plans to showcase additional engaging films in the future.

Directed by Denis Henry Hennelly, Bold Native is a feature film with a storyline that documents the animal agribusiness and the animal liberation front, Powell said.

The website for Open Road Films says it all: "Like a map to a local hideout drawn on a dive bar napkin, an Open Road film brings the viewer beyond expectations into a new adventure.

"Like a story told lounging about a campfire in a remote mountain village, an Open Road film excites the senses and enlivens the mind. Like rolling into a new city at 5 a.m. and sleeping in your car before grabbing breakfast at a street corner diner, an Open Road film values experience over comfort, daring over safety and mythology over conventional wisdom."

You can catch a glimpse of the film by clicking on the trailer for Bold Native at

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