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Boy Tearfully Stands Up To Adults To Save Baby Goat's Life

by Sarah V. Schweig
July 10, 2015

Boy Tearfully Stands Up To Adults To Save Baby Goat's Life

Goat sacrifice is part of an old tradition in Nepalese temples.

But one boy, visiting Nepal with his family, sees it for what it is: the taking of a life.

A video posted on Facebook shows young Adrian, who accidentally sees a goat being killed.

"Goats are in pain there," he says, pointing off screen.

When he realizes the baby goat he's befriended is going to suffer the same fate, he begins a heartbreaking outburst.

"No!" Adrian wails, hugging the baby goat around his neck and crying.
Finally, it looks like the boy's outpouring of grief for the goats made all the difference for his friend. "We won't cut the goat," a voice says off screen, as the boy begins to walk away with his goat friend.

"Kids are innocent. They have intelligent minds," the voice adds. "We actually shouldn't do this thing. What's done in the past, can't be undone, but we will not do it again. Kids know killing is not good."

The video brought up memories for grown-ups who remember painful losses of the past. "When i was little like him my goat was also slaughtered for qurbani. i always fed it a took care of him. And finally on the day of qurbani he was slaughtered in front of me," one commenter wrote on Facebook. "Thinking of him still makes me cry. He and a little chicken were the only friend of me when i was a child. The chicken's name was tunu and the goat's name was lucky. May their soul rest in peace"

The video is a reminder that different cultures have different relationships to animals. While goats are sacrificed in its temples, Nepal has other, beautiful animal traditions. One honors all dogs even strays and thanks them for their friendship and loyalty, while other countries see the same animals as meat.

But kids like Adrian remind us: compassion is universal and "killing is not good."

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