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Biteclub: Combat Cruelty


(Kansas City) Today Bite Club of KC, the now defunct group, RAGE, and our Animal Rights allies around the world have launched a new initiative in our battle against specieism.

Portraying the triple evils of puppy mills, factory farming, and vivisection, our billboard (which faces west on the north side of I-670 just west of downtown Kansas City, MO and receives over 50,000 views per day) directs passers-by to Google search “Bite Club of KC.”

Once people reach Bite Club of KC’s blog (CLICK HERE), they will discover a host of videos that will educate them about veganism, anti-speciesism, and the ruthlessness and barbarism of the animal exploitation industries. They will also find links to a variety of resources and organizations that will enable them to fight against animal cruelty.

Join us in the struggle for the animals!

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