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Being Vegan -- This Is War

[Las Vegas Informer - opinion]

The term "war" is one that is certainly bantered around quite a bit. This type of hostile engagement is something that mankind has taken to since it seems the beginning of human civilization. ... Frankly, what our "wars" have become today are not really about protecting our soil and safety, but instead they have been about establishing a presence in a foreign land to protect financial interests, and that is wrong.
That being said, I do believe there is a war of another kind that I do believe that we should fully engage in. That is a war to protect the rights and health of every living creature on the planet. This is war that is going on right now without a military presence but is resulting in deaths every day for both humans and animals. ...
... This is not a war about the shedding of blood but the preventing of it. You want to change your world? This is a great place to start--right on our plates.
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