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Beagle Freedom Project April 2013 E-news


Beagle Freedom Project

April 2013 E-News

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The Beagle Bill is in Progress!


Beagle Freedom Project is pursuing a legislative strategy in Minnesota that would be a first of its kind law in the country (and world). Our bill asks that any research facility that receives state funding (or works with companies that do) offer up all the dogs and cats to rescues at the termination of the experiment (if they are not killed in the process). The bill passed unanimously through the State Senate and is currently before the conference committee. Thank you to everyone who made phone calls or wrote emails and letters! The bill met little resistance, as it should be seen as a non-controversial proposal. Who could argue against giving these animals a chance at a normal life after all they have suffered through for human products?

Minnesota was our test run and BFP fully intends to pursue this same legal mandate in several other states in the next legislative session! We are gearing up now and will put out a call for help in the near future.

Beagle Freedom in the UK!


Beagle Freedom Project has formed a professional partnership with the UK-based Unite to CARE to conduct rescue missions and outreach events in England (and Europe). Unite to CARE was formed only a couple months ago to attempt negotiations with the British drug giant, AstraZeneca, as they were closing down their Swedish facility and recycling their 300 beagles into more experiments. Since then Unite has joined BFP to extend this proposal to every laboratory.

Every laboratory in the UK that still uses dogs is being invited to voluntarily work with the Beagle Freedom Project retirement. Just as we did here in the US, a letter detailing our proposal is being sent to each and we will be following this up with a more personal plea. There exists a strong possibility this will result in the retirement of many dogs, whom otherwise would simply be euthanized.

BFP and Unite are also gearing up for a strong push in Parliament to legally mandate this retirement program we have pioneered. Using the same US legislative language we will be asking MPs in the next session (Fall 2013) to make sure no dog, who has endured so much, ever is killed simply because the lab does not want to work with a group to find them a home!

Rescue Updates!


As many of you know our last rescue of 10 beagles from a laboratory in the Midwest was a tough one, but a very important one. First off, these dogs came to us after spending anywhere from 5 to almost 8 years in a laboratory. Some were quite shell-shocked and look (and act) far older than they should. This sort of trauma is not uncommon with laboratory dogs, but it never gets easier to see.

While some have come out of their shells rather quickly (and learned all the important doggie do�s and dont's � like how walk on a leash, potty outside, look cute while begging) a couple are still bravely working on their trust issues. Abe embodies this struggle more than any other. He is a sweet, stoic, and handsome gentleman. We can happily report he has been adopted with his beagle buddy Davey (they are the oldest of the group) and are now settling into a great home. You can even track their progress on their own Facebook page,

New Merchandise

The new BFP T-shirt is one of the nicest yet. First off, the design is loud and proud � no one will mistake Beagle Freedom Project for another group! Secondly, all black � as black is the new black. Third, this shirt is made from really soft high-quality cotton and is all hand-sewn in the US. Very comfortable! (Please note that these t-shirts run small)

t-shirt.jpg t-shirt_2.jpg

We have a limited run of these shirts, please buy one as soon as possible!

They Need You... And So Do We!


BFP is growing faster than ever before. This week alone we are in talks with a lab in California, three on the East Coast, and even one in the Middle East. To sustain this work, to save more lives, and to make real change we need your help.

In honor of World Week for Animals in Laboratories we ask - Please, if you can, support this work and donate. ANY amount helps!


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