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The Emergence of Band of Mercy - Los Angeles

As 2009 comes to a close in Los Angeles, activists have seen a powerful rise of pressure in the grassroots movement leading to many successes. With continued dedication to the animals and the reclamation of an abolitionist struggle in the greater Los Angeles and Southern California area, we are pleased to announce the rebirth of a small group formed in 1875.

Band of Mercy Los Angeles was founded in December 2009, and inspired by the late Bands of Mercy of the 19th century. Established in 1875 by Catherine Smithies, a British anti-slavery activist, the Bands of Mercy encouraged kindness and love towards all animals. The first American chapter of the Band of Mercy was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1882 spreading the same message of animal rights. Since then, other animal rights activists have adopted the name and revived the group, such as Ronnie Lee and Cliff Goodman in 1972.

*Band of Mercy Los Angeles is an abolitionist animal rights organization in the greater L.A. area. We are above-ground activists fighting to end all forms of speciesism and dedicated to total animal liberation. *

*From the beginning to the end, without compromise. *

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Band of Mercy Los Angeles is not associated with any other group or BoM chapters.

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