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Anti-Fur Society Conference, Virginia, June 2013

This conference is focused on issues concerning all fur-bearing animals, particularly the exploitation and cruelty of fur farms, wool and leather production, "harvesting" of wildlife (hunting, trapping, penning, etc). It will also explore other areas of animal exploitation including vivisection, puppy mills, animals in entertainment, horse slaughter, animals for food.

Event Date: May 31, 2013 - June 02, 2013
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Sheraton Suites Old Town Alexandria, 801 N Saint Asaph Street
Alexandria , VA 22314

Contact Person: Anti-Fur Society



Detailed Information:
Attention will be given to individuals and groups dedicated to the care of and advocating for fur-bearing animals; farmed, domestic, or wild. Also of interest are issues relating to the environment, which directly affects all living beings on our planet, our air, our food and water, which are seriously compromised by chemicals and pollution caused by animal exploiting industries like factory farms.

This exciting conference offers a new view and approach to animal rights advocacy and leadership, as it is also designed for grassroots activists and organizations, namely:

• to provide a forum for those who rarely have an opportunity to speak to large audiences about the work they do;

• to create a platform for grassroots activists that focuses on: "Reviving the Animal Rights Movement: Effective Grass Roots Activism. A New View and Approach to Animal Rights Advocacy and Leadership.

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