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Has Cruelty to Animals Become the Social Norm?

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As a long time, staunch animal rights advocate I have seen atrocities that I wish I had never been made aware of. Without knowing, however, I could never have enacted my attempts to stop this abuse.

I begun to think I had seen it all, and that not much could shock me. Sadden and sicken me, yes, but had I not seen everything? Apparently, no. Each time I log onto Face Book or open my email I am appalled at the “latest” in animal cruelty.

I am overwhelmed with the extremes humans are going to in the name of greed, vanity, self indulgence, entertainment.

Depravity is so abundant that many simply stop reacting – they are hardened, jaded and apathetic. Abandoning compassion and embracing apathy perpetuates abuse. Simply because large numbers of people participate in an activity does not mean it is right.

Following the masses is wrong when they are committing these atrocities. Do not become jaded – be alarmed, disgusted and enraged at each and every act of animal abuse. Do whatever you can for each individual brutality.

Continue to sign petitions, send emails, and share information.

Go further and delve into the facts of each case. Ascertain names and follow through with phone calls and personal emails. Write to governments, newspapers.

Call your political representatives with well informed messages. These things do make a difference. If those committing crimes against animals en masse are being accepted due to their number then we animal advocates need to fight back en masse as well.

Do not become overwhelmed and feel that each of you cannot make a difference because together we CAN make a difference. We can. If you need motivation, if you are tired of the fight and need to be stimulated, I believe the following may be just the motivation you need.

Do not give up – who else will defend them, if we do not?

The following is very graphic, but may just what is need to act!

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