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Compassion is Always in Fashion
Animal Activist Card (5" x 3-1/2")

Text on reverse reads:

The Truth About Fur ...

We understand that you probably care about the treatment of animals. However, each year more than 40 million animals are killed in the name of "fashion" for fur coats and trim. These animals are either raised on crowded, filthy fur farms where cruelty is the norm, or trapped in the wild using inhumane and indiscriminate devices such as steel-jaw leghold traps and strangulation neck snares. Every one of these animals died a violent death through anal electrocution, gassing, neck breaking, drowning, clubbing and/or strangulation. Like you and I, animals feel pain. Just by wearing fur, you promote cruelty. Please. Choose compassion. Don't wear fur.

Number of animals used to make an average length fur coat
Bobcats 15
Chinchillas 100
Ermine 125
Lynx 11
Otters 14
Raccoons 27
Ranch Minks 35
Red Fox 18
Rex Rabbits 30
Sables 40
Silver Fox 11

Please Don't Wear Fur

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