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50 actions for the abolition of meat in 2010

Actions planned in 2010 for the world day for the abolition of meat - http://www.nomoreme

We are glad to inform you that this year there will be many events all around the world that will be demanding the end of slaughterhouses. We received emails from people planning actions in Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, South Africa, Portugal, Bolivia, Brazil, USA, Ireland, England and India! More than 50 towns will participate to this international day. A detailed list of towns is available here: http://fr.m- JMAV2010- villes-participa ntes

A FAQ about the movement for the abolition of meat: http://en.m- FAQ

An article defending the point of view that we must now work explicitly towards the legal banning of the production and consumption of animal flesh: http://www.cahiers- antispecistes. org/spip. php?article369

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