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Day of Action for Primates

October 12, 2006

Day of Action for Primates: November 18th Help needed

EU legislation currently being debated could lead to a ban on the use of primates in experiments. While Animal Aid campaigns for an end to all animal experiments, our best hope with this legislation is to free primates from the horrors of laboratories.

We are calling a Day of Action for Primates on Saturday November 18th and are asking people to set up street stalls in their local town centres to raise awareness of the campaign.

For further information and to order resources for the day, contact

Kate Fowler-Reeves

Campaigns Dept

Animal Aid

01732 364546 ex 236

Vivisection Information Network (VIN)

Has your MP signed EDM92 - calling for an inquiry into vivisection? Go to to urge them to sign.

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