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In preparation for International Animal Rights Day (IARD) on December 10,
Uncaged has two fantastic new leaflets - 'Animal Rights: A Question of
Compassion' (see right) and 'How to Respect Animal Rights' - now available
to  download, along with
translations of our general international animal rights leaflets and

On IARD there will be candlelit vigils across the world to commemorate the
innocent animal victims of premeditated cruelty. It's an opportunity to
encourage the public to stop and reflect on the relentless abuse that
humanity inflicts on other animals. Animals are powerless, but we need to
encourage people to make a difference by taking responsibility for what they
eat, buy, how they vote and what charities they support.
In order to prevent barbaric practices like animal experiments and factory
farming, in order to alleviate the tyranny and oppression suffered by
animals, it is necessary for 'animal rights' to be accepted by society and
enshrined in the rule of law. Uncaged's campaign for a Universal Declaration
of Animal Rights is the only major initiative aimed at promoting the basic
values that underpin the animal rights movement.

Click here to find out more about how
you can get involved.
Yours for animal rights

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