A complete recording of the Animal Rights 2005 National Conference is available for $159. Individual sessions on CD are $9.

Please order from JOB CRS, 4610 South Dakota Ave NE, Washington, DC 20017-2723; JOB_CRS@att.net; 202-269-2000 and include $2 for shipping.

Selected AR2005 Recordings

Here are selected sessions from the AR2005 National Conference in mp3 format.

Making of An Activist I (getting rid of emotional garbage and becoming who you want to be) - Alex Hershaft, Scott Smith

Making of An Activist II (developing leadership, getting things done, resolving conflicts, preventing burnout) - Alex Hershaft, Lawrence Carter-Long

Nourishing Activism (health benefits and concerns of a vegan lifestyle) - Andrew Knight, Jack Norris, Jameth Sheridan, Kenneth Williams

Running a Local Group
(recruiting, officers, by-laws, incorporation, planning, outreach) - Margo DeMello, Janet Enoch, Frank Gómez

Fund Raising & Management (direct mail, events, planned giving, foundations, accounting & audits) - Lorri Bauston, Kevin Connelly, Alex Hershaft

Running Effective Events
(objectives, action plan, resource inventory, publicity, media, policing) - Lorri Bauston, Kevin Connelly, Adam Weissman

Forging Coalitions (types of coalitions, identifying prospects, feeding and care, case studies) - Alex Hershaft, Pattrice Jones, Adam Roberts

Winning Hearts and Minds
(changing behavior by altering feelings and beliefs) - Alex Hershaft, Lawrence Carter-Long

Waging Effective Campaigns
(defining objectives, scope, resources, tactics, action plan, review process) - David Hayden, Kevin Jonas, Lauren Ornelas, Barbara Stagno

Applying Direct Action (getting attention and changing behavior through economic & social action) - David Hayden, Steve Hindi, Kevin Jonas, Paul Watson

Enacting Protective Laws
(selecting issues, forging coalitions, dealing with legislators/committees) - Peter Muller, Robert Nixon, Adam Roberts

Engaging Youth (school groups, cafeteria vegan options, rock concerts, literature distribution) - Rick Kump, George Matejka, Jack Norris

Engaging the Community
(identifying and utilizing community issues, allies, and opportunities) - Camille Hankins, Pattrice Jones, Doll Stanley

Engaging Religion
(Christian, Jewish, Moslem, and minor religious denominations) - Cassandra Flechsig, Roberta Kalechofsky, Rick Kump, Scott Smith

Engaging Public Interest (health, environment, hunger, women, ethnic, peace movements) - Pattrice Jones, Adam Roberts, Paul Watson

Engaging Business (reaching food manufacturers and retailers, corporate advertisers, trade threat) - David Cantor, Camille Hankins, Kevin Jonas, Lauren Ornelas

Engaging Politicians (obtaining position and platform plank, educating delegates, electioneering) - Charlotte Laws, Peter Muller, Robert Nixon

Engaging the Media
(news releases, opinion pieces, talk shows, feeding and care, framing events) - Karen Dawn, Howard Lyman, Scott Smith, Susan Tellem

Effective Interviews (getting our message out to media and others under diverse conditions) - Howard Lyman, Robert Nixon, Scott Smith

Effective Advertising
(newspapers, public transport, billboard, radio/TV, stunts) - Frank Gómez, Erica Meier, Brenda Shoss