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Animal Liberation Solidarity Demonstration Saturday, August 24

United Poultry Concerns -
19 August 2013

Direct Action Everywhere is Organizing an Animal Liberation Solidarity Demonstration Saturday, August 24.

Everything you need to know is here:

Activists, first in Israel, and now across the world, are organizing an animal liberation solidarity demonstration/march on August 24.

The principles of the demonstration are:
- We are all Earthlings.
- We have been made blind to the violence against our fellow Earthlings, in food, clothing, entertainment, research, and as "pets."
- We will open our eyes, and unite against this violence, not as members of any   particular organization, not even as members of the species homo sapiens, but, first and foremost, as Earthlings.

Please contact us via facebook if you would like your event to be added to
this page, or if you need help in organizing a demonstration or march!

Two suggestions for your local action, to make for stronger visuals:
1. Have an image or text showing that we are EARTHLINGS.
2. Have BLINDFOLDS at your demo and use the language "BLIND TO INJUSTICE."

United Poultry Concerns is a nonprofit organization that promotes the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl.

Don't just switch from beef to chicken. Go Vegan.

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