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The two fur farms most raided by the A.L.F. both go out of business

Two fur farms in the U.S. have been raided by the Animal Liberation Front more than any others: Brainards Mink Ranch (Snohomish, WA, raided five times) and the Carmel Mink Ranch (Hinsdale, MA, raided four times). In the last several months, both farms have been reported closed.

Brainard's Mink Ranch was the closest known mink farm to Seattle, and saw a total of five mink releases as far back as 1996. Carmel Mink Ranch was the closest mink farm to Boston, and in 1997 four activists were arrested in a raid at the farm. In that action, six mink were liberated before police arrived.

It is unlikely the A.L.F. can be directly credited for the closures -- Brainard's Mink Ranch was last raided in 2001, while Carmel Mink Ranch was last visited by the A.L.F. in 2007. However the closures will perhaps bring a little peace to those who have visited their sheds in many overnight actions over the years and given freedom to their prisoners.

- Peter Young

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