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First Animal Rights Day in New York

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First Animal Rights Day in New York: Success (Video)

June 06, 2011

The First Annual Animal Rights Day event in New York seems to have been a raving success. Hundreds of animal lovers turned out in Union Square Sunday to celebrate and promote the rights of all animals. Not a hamburger was sold but lots of vegetarian and vegan food was served.

The animal rights event was held to open people's eye and show how people as a whole treat animals, according to the event's organizer Aylan Orian. The attendees had a chance to feast of vegan food and sample of vegan products.

New York's first annual Animal Rights Day coincided with the begging of "Barking Week" in the city which runs from June 4 to June 10 this year. During the week, special events include a leash free day in the park and a spring festival for Posh Pets Rescue as well as other attractions for animal lovers. The list of events seems to be interesting and should draw a good crowd of animal rights devotees.

Attendees of Sunday's Animal Rights Day event were entertained by Broadway star Nellie McKay. McKay is a singer-songwriter often compared to Doris Day and has published a tribute album to the late star.

The event was run by the National Coalition of Animal Rights Organization. Animal Rights Day festivities are held in many cities around the world. This was just New York's first annual celebration of this type. Many animal rights issues are not supported by large majority of Americans. Some may even seem strange and outlandish. However there is much to be learned from the information provided by such organizations about our food supply that would be wise consider.

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