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12 Days of Xmas - Day 7: In Memory of Lucy, Oreo, Max and Parrot


DAY 7: In Memory of Lucy, Oreo, Max and Parrot
"Remembering Pit Bulls Whom We Loved"

Each year since Lucy was killed in 2007, we have remembered Lucy and all the dogs like her, who have been killed because of ignorance, fear and breed discrimination. In 2009, we added Oreo and Max to the Memorial Day and again we vowed that we would never forget. This year, a pit bull named Parrot, who was attending an adoption event in a Washington, DC park was viciously gunned down by a trigger happy police-thug. How many more names will we have to add before the unjust killings are no longer tolerated?

We will never forget you, Lucy.

We will never forget you, Oreo.

We will never forget you, Max.

We will never forget you, Parrot.

On December 20, 2010, the day of Lucy's death, a pit bull at a high risk shelter (ACC) in New York City, was rescued hours before he was to be killed. His name is Brucie and we dedicate his rescue to Lucy, Oreo, Max, Parrot and all of the other pit bulls victims.



For Lucy

Our action for Lucy will last from today until the Monday after Christmas. Please send a message to David Kahn, the person primarily responsible for having Lucy killed. Remind him that during the holiday season, he should remember what he did to Lucy and her family 3 years ago. If you would rather send a graphic message, go to the link below, where you will find a graphic image that you can fax to David Kahn at 1-408-730-7468

WAR's Lucy Memorial

Access to a free internet fax service can be found here: Faxzero

If you would rather phone David Kahn, he has a new number: 1-408-730-7464

For Oreo and Max

Our action for Oreo and Max is on-going with no end date in sight. We ask that you contact the resource development (fund raising) office of the ASPCA to let them know that you will not be supporting them financially until the ASPCA stops killing animals needlessly and stops claiming to be a No Kill shelter. You might also wish to add that the ASPCA should stop blocking Oreo's Law, legislation that has the power to save many animals.

Call the ASPCA at: 1-212-876-7700 or

You can cc ASPCA CEO Ed Sayres at:

You can find more info about Oreo and some additional actions you can take here:

WAR's Oreo Memorial

For Parrot

Our action for Parrot, who was gunned down in his prime is twofold.

Sign the petition demanding Justice for Parrot here: Justice for Parrot Petition

To follow the campaign to get justice for parrot, visit the Facebook page:
Demand Justice for Parrot

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to contact us at:

Visit the WAR MySpace page:
Visit WAR on Facebook:

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