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12 Days of Xmas: Day 6 - In Recognition of Grass Roots Activism by FAUN


DAY 6: In Recognition of Grass Roots Activism by FAUN

Every year we select a group or groups whose work we believe is worthy of attention. This year we would like to honor F.A.U.N. From their website:

"FAUN is a coalition of New Jersey-based animal/earth liberation activists who are bound by the twin objectives of exposing and working against the perpetrators of overt & clandestine animal exploitation wherever they are operating in our geographic sphere.

We are firmly united in our commitment to publicizing animal-use industries' profit-driven lies and illusions, as well as engaging in the practical, street-level action so essential to bringing about the local (and ultimately universal) abolition of retrograde, dark-age practices that systematically exploit and destroy countless nonhuman sentient beings, and the Earth itself...."

Friends Of Animals United NJ (FAUN)
P.O. Box 732
Red Bank, NJ, 07701
tel: (732)693-9044
fax: (732)945-7053

Brothers Anthony and Nick Botti have done a phenomenal job of bringing together a coalition of NY and NJ activists and they have stoked up the embers of animal rights activism in New Jersey into a roaring fire. Since they started the organization F.A.U.N., they have had street actions, protests and rallies every weekend and usually on multiple days. They have taken on the issues of fur, vivisection and live markets. They employ the kind of strategies and tactics that will ensure that their campaigns will be successful.

In addition to waging their own campaigns, they have actively and aggressively supported the campaigns of other groups including Win Animal Rights. Always upbeat and positive, always willing to give their all, we believe that FAUN is a group worth watching and worth get involved with. Please visit their website and support their work. On Thursday, December 23, 2010, they will be conducting their last Live Animal Market demo of the season. If you are in the area, please join them:

What: Protest at Marzigliano's Live Animal Market
When: Thursday, December 23, 2010 @ 3:00 - 7:00 pm
Where: 5217 Bergenline Ave., West New York, NJ
For more info or directions contact FAUN at:
732-693-9044 or e-mail:

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