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2 of 12 Days of Xmas - How Much is That Puppy in the Window



The cost is not just what is written on the price tag. Animals sold in pet shops are largely the offspring of "puppy mills" which breed animals in inhumane conditions. In many cases, these animals are inbred and unhealthy. Breeding mothers live most of their lives in cramped cages, in filth and misery as they produce litter after litter of puppies destined to be sold in pet shops or culled (i.e. killed) because they do not live up to AKC standards.

On Saturday, December 18, 2010, Win Animal Rights will join sponsoring organization, No Kill New York, and other groups and individual activists, to protest the sale of companion animals and to advocate for adoption from shelters and rescues. At this protest we will be distributing flyers urging shoppers to go to NYC ACC to adopt a death row dog or cat or to adopt from pet shops that promote the adoption of shelter animals.

To learn more about Puppy Mills and Pet Shops and the connection, visit:

What: Adopt, Don't Shop Pet Shop Protest
When: Saturday, December 18, 2010 @ 2:00 pm
Where: American Kennels Pet Shop
798 Lexington Ave @ 62nd St. - New York City

We are heartened by the increasing number of pet shop campaigns that are springing up across the country. Kudos to activists in South Florida and Los Angeles. If you are in an area that has such a campaign, we would encourage you to get actively involved. If you are not in an area that has a campaign, or even if you are planning on attending a local event, but want to do more, here are some things you can do to help:

Support a "No Kill Shelter"
Donate food, treats or toys to your local shelter or rescue

Volunteer to walk dogs and puppies or to socialize cats and kittens at your local shelter
Set up a table to promote Spay/Neuter
Educate the public about "Puppy Mills" and Advocate for Shelter and Rescue Adoptions
Flyer a local pet shop
Help someone who works on T-N-R/Feral Cat Programs

Fight BSL (Breed Specific Legislation)
Support the work of No Kill Advocacy Center -
Give Nathan Winograd's book "Redemption" as a Christmas gift -

Please support the work of those groups and individuals that are fighting to change the prevailing paradigm that supports the killing of millions of healthy animals every year. By the same token, it is important to voice your feelings to those animal rights and animal welfare organizations that promote or advocate the killing of homeless animals or specific breeds. When you make your holiday contributions, think about what the organization might do with the money. You may be paying for the Fatal Plus poison that will be used to end the life of a healthy, homeless animal. Give to organizations that don't promote needless killing.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to contact us at:

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