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12 Days of Xmas 2010, Day 4

Holiday Project: 12 Days of Christmas 2010

Day 4 - Underground Railroad:
Saving Death Row Animals by Internet

For this our forth day of Christmas, we focus on the new phenomenon of using social networking sites to save death row animals. If you are familiar with Facebook, you can find an abundance of pages for Humane Societies, SPCAs, Rescues and individual rescuers. You will also find dogs and cats that are in kill shelters with a short period of time to find rescue before they are killed. Nowhere will you find a stronger or more passionate advocacy, than for the animals waiting to die at the NYC Animal Care and Control (ACC). Here are just a couple of the pages that list and advocate for New York's death row animals:

Pets on Death Row

Urgent Part 2

Bruised Not Broken

The way it works is that every day, when NYC ACC releases it's New Hope Lists of dogs and cats that are on the "euthanasia list" (from here-on-in we will refer to this as the "kill list" as it is not euthanasia if the animal is not incurably ill or suffering without hope of alleviation). These lists go only to agencies approved by the Mayor's Alliance for New York Animals headed by Jane Hoffman. The lists come with warnings that it is forbidden to cross post this information outside of the approved New Hope groups. When the lists are published, approved rescues have a short window of opportunity to save an animal from being killed.

Pets on Death Row lists all of the cats on the list along with pictures and profiles that come directly from ACC. Urgent Part 2 lists all of the canines. Then the mad scramble begins. In some cases, rescuers have sometimes as little as a few hours to find funding, foster homes, transport and a New Hope partner to pull the listed animal. Sound impossible? It is done day after day by dedicated animal lovers who don't seem to get a lot of sleep. The community effort is amazing....from cross running chip-ins for funding....arranging pick up and transport and one of the hardest parts, finding a foster or forever home for the animals. But, it is done every day. These efforts have saved hundreds if not thousands of animals that were doomed.

Many of the animals come out of ACC with kennel cough (canine coughs) and upper respiratory infections (feline colds). Most probably contract the illness at the shelter itself. Both are very easily treatable, yet we continue to see animals every night on the kill list for nothing more than kennel cough and URIs. The fine work of the groups listed above was highlighted in a two part investigative report that was recently presented by WABC Eyewitness News. As part of Saturday's 5th Day of Christmas, we will post the links to the video clips of both reports and tell you how you can help us continue to bring media attention to the plight on New York's shelter animals.


If you have a Facebook page, please check out the links above and "LIKE" these pages. The pages have Notes sections that describe how they go about the work of saving animals. Please be respectful of their rules and if you do not understand how it all works, ask someone for help or ask questions. Most experienced rescuers will be happy to assist.

If you don't have a Facebook page, it is easy to register for one. It will open up a whole new world of opportunity for you to help save animals lives.
Cross-posting (sharing) the pictures and profiles of the animals on the kill lists, you can help save lives and bring more attention to what goes on in New York's shelters. If you need help with this or don't understand how you can help, contact No Kill New York either by e-mail or you can "LIKE" the No Kill New York Facebook page and leave a message on our wall.
Please make sure that you show your appreciation for what these animal advocates do. It is hard work. There is a lot of tension and many hours spent working on rescues. They experience great sorrow when a rescue falls through. Please thank them for their hard work and dedication. They provide a critical service to animals, who don't have anyone else.

No Kill New York on Facebook

We look forward to seeing you on Facebook!

Please don't forget our Pet Shop/Puppy Mill Protest on Saturday:

What: Adopt, Don't Shop Pet Shop Protest
When: Saturday, December 18, 2010 @ 2:00 pm
Where: American Kennels Pet Shop
798 Lexington Ave @ 62nd St. - New York City


No Kill New York is a coalition of individuals and groups dedicated to ending the abuse, the exploitation and the killing of animals. It is our primary mission to end the killing of animals in the NY Shelter System. We believe that animals have the inherent right to live, and to be treated with respect and dignity. No animal should be killed for any reason other than for dire and untreatable medical conditions. No animal should be treated as a disposable object.

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