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Deanna Ford's 5 minute video, Hitting the Streets with FLAP
(FLAP = Fatal Light Awareness Plan, rescues migrant birds that hit tall structures):

Ottawa boy's invisible invention warns birds about deadly windows

The New York Bird Club will be posting pigeon news to the following sites: 

People For Pigeons

Note new article published today (Philadelphia Inquirer). If there is anyone on this list from PA, please let me know as new legislature is being presented shortly to ban pigeons shoots from PA entirely, and letters to your state representatives are needed. The Humane Society of the U.S. is working hard on this issue.

Publicity is the way to go by:

1. Letting NYC tourists know that pigeon nettings are regularly occurring that are being committed by criminals.

2. Letting NYC tourists know that they can be fined $1,000 for feeding birds if legislation is passed. Tourists like feeding birds. They may start to wonder what other crazy laws NYC has that they don't know about.

3. Demonstrate outside the ASPCA for allowing pigeon nettings to occur. So far not one fine or summons has been issued.

4. Demonstrate outside NY and PA Visitors Bureau and Chamber of Commerce buildings.

If you have any comments or other suggestions, please let me know; and if your group will be holding a rally with reference to the above, please let us know.

Anna Dove
New York Bird Club

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