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Wild Animals -- Care and Rehabilitation

 Useful Wildlife Tips, based on tips of how to help the wildlife in your gardens. Browse it and add your own thoughts and tips to help our wildlife today.

The Wonderful World of Rats - video, Nov 2015

Become A Retina Spotter - March 2012

Invasive Species Could be a Good Thing - September 2008

Critter Camp Sanctuary - June 2008

Not every 'alien' species is a pest - editorial, April 2008 -- Woman opens home to injured wildlife

http://www.HurleyBy - Wildlife tips and custom animal feeders

Wildlife Collisions -- How Can Drivers Reduce the Chances of Having a Wildlife-Vehicle Collision? -- information on many urban animals -- squirrels, raccoons, foxes, opossums, rabbits

Wildlife Care Center
24-Hour Emergency Hotline - (830) 336-2725  - for general public

Feral Cats
   Trap-Neuter-Return -- HSUS position on TNR
   TNR -- Trap-Neuter-Return Is Solution For Feral Cats
   Birds vs. Cats

Urban Foxes
   Culling urban foxes just doesn't work

   Index to articles -- articles and web sites and discussion forums about squirrels.

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs
    Rabbit Hotline -- information about rabbits and guinea pigs.
    Pet Rabbits -- Care needed.
    Rabbits 'now the most abused pet' in England & Wales - Dec. 2006

Wild birds

     All Bird Rescue - U.S. pet & farm bird rescue & placement, licensed rehab. of wild birds.
     Baby Birds -- Caring for them.
     Wild birds -- Birdwatching. Bird cams.
     Pigeons and Public Health - The TRUE Facts
     Value of Pigeons
     Pigeon Appreciation
     Gee Whiz Quiz
     Goose Poop Cleaner
     Domestic Chickens

   Steering Turtles -- project steers turtles off roads
   Desert tortoises

House Mice
  A Buddhist Approach to Mice
  House Mice -- Living in Harmony With House Mice.
  Caring 4 Mice -- Caring For Mice Responsibly
  Mice -- All About Mice - using tennis balls as homes for field mice

   Oh, Rats! Why the Rodents Are Becoming Increasingly Popular Pets
   Rat Taking a Bath
   Year Of The Rat: Furry Creatures Are Misunderstood, Vet Says
   Removing Rats From Your Home. Also: Video "Non-lethal, kind and sure methods of removing wild rats from your home"
   Caring 4 Rats
   Rat Problems
   Rodent Control

   Skunk Control
      Skunks - response

   Caring for Baby Raccoons

    Raising Orphaned Opossums

   Bat Facts
   Requiem for a Bat - June 2010
   Bats Get a Bad Rap
   Flight of the Orphaned Bats

    Bear-ly Believable
    Spray more effective than guns against bears: study

     Life as a Lawnmower:

Big Cats
     The Lion Whisperer - Kevin Richardson

    First Aid for Butterflies

     Matt Ellerbeck - Snake Man
     Snake Advocate & Conservationist

 Sugar Gliders as Pets : The Drawbacks of Sugar Glider Ownership:


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