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Caring for Baby Raccoons


Raccoons: Have you found a baby Raccoon?

Is the Raccoon injured?    -> YES Contact A Rehabilitator



Is the parent injured or known to be dead?    -> NO Put the baby back; Mom will return.



Contact A Rehabilitator

How Do I Contact A Rehabilitator

If you cannot locate a rehabber in your area please contact your conservation office, vet clinic, humane society, animal shelter, or use Wildlife International's Rehab Search. If you are still having trouble please contact Symbiotic Wildlife Rehabilitation Society for more information.

How Do I Put The Baby Raccoon Back?

Most animals will take back their young after a human has touched it. They will not take back a cold baby.

Place the baby raccoon in a small box with low sides

Put in a warm blanket or hot water bottle to keep baby warm

Place the box back exactly where you found it

Leave box and watch from a hidden area

Keep all domestic cats and dogs away from area

Watch for 3-4 hours

When mom returns go pick up your box and wish the baby raccoon good luck

The Best Chance A Baby Raccoon Has Is Its Mom

If mom does not return in that time period bring baby back in. Contact a rehabilitator.

Raccoons: Things You Should Not Do

There are a lot of things that should not be done when you have a wild baby raccoon in your care. This list is just the beginning. If you have no other choice but to care for this little one by yourself please contact me at

Do not feed a cold baby

Do not give baby cows milk

Do not hold and cuddle with the baby
(Babies will die from the shock of being held)

Do not force feed baby
(They can easily choke and die)

Do not give baby a bath

Do not allow baby near your pets

Do not make a lot of noise around baby

Do not talk to the baby

Do not keep baby in an open container
(No matter how little the critter is, it can escape)

The best thing to do is find a wildlife rehabilitator who understands how to take care of wild babies.

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