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Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary

caring for over 200 critters, comprised of 30 different species!

The only animal sanctuary of its kind in the U.S. and possibly the world!!

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Our Latest Success Story!!!

Not only does Critter Camp take in & care for homeless pets but we  also help people re-home their pets and find pets they are looking for!

Murphy the goose was found in rough shape, rescued and kept on a pond  where he should have been very happy. However, unbeknownst to his new owner, Murphy had imprinted on humans and is a pet goose! Therefore he was not happy at all with other birds and was constantly at the house looking for people to be with. This did not work with his new owner and so he contacted us here at Critter Camp to find a good home for Murphy. Which we did within a couple of days! Murphy's new family is thrilled with him and he follows the dad everywhere! He also seems to have fallen in love with their new Scion, or perhaps it's his reflection in the new vehicle he adores, they aren't sure yet!

Here is a link to adorable video of Murphy at his new happy forever home too: com/watch? v=MHtu8KHO33A

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