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How You Can Help 


    If you are a prospective pet owner, the most important thing you can do is avoid putting money into the system that perpetuates so much misery for dogs. So if you are thinking of adding an animal companion to your family, please consider adoption. There are countless wonderful dogs of all ages and breeds at shelters and rescue organizations across the country who have been abandoned and deserve a chance at a happy life.

    Keep Us Informed.

    Notify us if you know of any new kennel applications in your area so we can join efforts to block them.

    Contact Your State Representatives.

    Let them know that this issue is important to you as a voter and urge them to support legislative efforts to reign in the abusive practices of puppy mill operators. For more information about current legislative efforts, click here.

    Get The Word Out.

    Tell your friends and post flyers about upcoming events.

    Tell Us Your Story.

    The more information we can gather about the effects of puppy mills, the better will be our chances of doing something about them. If you have ever bought a dog that you have reason to believe might have come from a mill and the dog exhibits any sort of unusual health and/or behavioral problems, please tell us about it.


    Contact us if you would like to join one of our zoning, legislative or public awareness committees, or if you would like to help out at any of our events.


    To help financially, please make checks or money orders payable to UAPM and send to:

                PO Box 7202
                Lancaster, PA