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Interview from An Animal Shelter - August 2009
Tank-A New Dog Story - August 2009
Something About Harry - June 2009
Throwaway Dog Saves Little Girl's Life - December 2008
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The Dog of Peace
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Mystery cat takes regular bus to the shops
Pets Prayer -- Please watch over our humans...
A Pit Bull Who Provided Lessons in Loyalty and Unfailing Love
Affairs of the Heart
Survival "Tail" of a Striped Skunk
Letter to a Shelter Dog - by Randi Bildner
Loss of A Dogter
Dog Who Helped -- Nov 2005. The Dog Who Helped Parishioners Renew Their Relationship with God
Canines -- Love unleashed: As plain as the nose on her face.
Dog quotes -- Quotations about dogs.
Dog Tests -- Tests show dogs are almost human, by L. Deighton, E. Colman.
WORDS FROM A DEPARTED PET -- I Stood by Your Bed -- poem.
Ty: Guilty by Assoc. -- Pitbull Guilty by Association. The world's gone mad.
ON ANIMALS -- by Jim Willis 2001 (from a book of collected essays).
What Dogs Do -- Humorous.
Dog Thoughts -- What your dog might be thinking. Poignant.

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