Hopnot and Miss Pinky share a carrot.

When Miss Pinky arrived at the Rabbit Sanctuary after being rescued from a busy street, only one rabbit was currently unpaired with a companion. Hopnot, rescued from children who were trying to give him away, was looking for a mate.

After Miss Pinky was spayed and Hopnot was neutered, staff placed them together in a large territory of their own in the building known as Rabbitat 1. There was a certain amount of trepidation about this decision, however. Miss Pinky, a Californian, was twice as big as Hopnot, she was also a lot older, and we're sure she'd been "married" before. Hopnot, a white Mini Rex, is quite a bit smaller, younger, and certainly not as worldly as big Miss Pinky. He looked more like her baby than her mate, and staff thought he was not exactly her kind of guy.

Not long after being introduced, they touched noses and Miss Pinky fell over onto her side. Then she rolled over onto her back, squinting her eyes shut with a big smile on her face. She was smitten. Staff were amazed. Hopnot looked on, quite taken aback, but he was smitten as well.

To this day the two are inseparable. When it comes to love, one just never can tell!

Published February 13, 2007

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