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Abandoned by his mouse mommy at one day old ...

"Abandoned by his mouse mommy at one day old, he crawled out from under our washing machine and lived, despite the odds. I fed him every two hours and took to carrying him in my pocket or in my sports bra, which became his home. Our adventure mouse not only survived but thrived, taking a hot air balloon ride over the Rio Grande, riding in three cross country road trips, hiking through the Sangre De Cristo mountains and ultimately walking me down the aisle at my wedding in May 2010. He was extraordinary in every way. Still is. This is his lullaby. Goodnight, my love. Goodnight" com/watch? v=8WjMftQ0Xuk

Remember that each and every being values his or her life and that all beings want to live. Before you get that 'pest' control guy to come out and kill those 'pesky' rodents, think about the humane alternatives to get them out of the house ...

Try the Skunk Whisperer http://www.totalwil dlifecontrol. com/ and for those living in TX there is a link on Texas Humane Legislation Network for the humane removal of wildlife. http://www.thln. com/

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