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December 29, 2006


My name is Lori Haines and I am Begging some one to hear my story of how my Neighbor of three years killed my 18 lb. Wire Haired Fox Terrier just for jumping his fence. As I said my name is Lori Haines, I was Born and Raised in Trenton Mich, moved to Lehigh Acres, Florida in 1984 a quaint little town where everyone new each other at one time, never to turn a cheek when someone in the community needed help. I have lived in Lehigh acres, Florida for 23 years. I move here to take care of my Great Aunt who was dieing of cancer and wished to die at home, So I granted her wish and moved here to care for her and her 3 dogs at the time.

I stayed with her for 3 months, which seemed like 3 years when you are caring for a terminally ill person, let alone a family member. I new what I was in for when I arrived at her home but, was willing to help her live out her wish, as I awoke one morning and found she was dead. At this time it was hard, but not too hard as I knew she was suffering and she was much better off. (Ruth Martin) was her name my grandmothers sister, who at one time owned a Cute little Souvenir store here in Lehigh. My Grandparents moved to Lehigh when I was 7 one year after My father passed away leaving my Mother with 3 young children to raise. I was married for 9-1/2 years when my husband passed away right in front of me with a massive Heart Attack, at this time I was 7-1/2 moths pregnant with my daughter whom is now 17. I have seen Death many more times since all of this, not only My Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, but my pets.

We were always raised with Dogs, they were like a family member to each family member, we were raised to treat them with respect as a dog will only return it's love to you "unconditionally". In 2004 I had a beautiful female Boxer named Katie she was one of my kids, 2 weeks before Christmas she just stopped eating, I grew concerned and took her to a specialist, they then told me he had developed a very Rare spine cancer and they could "prolong her life with "chemo" but it was not by any means going to cure her. At this time I has to make a decision, I asked the Vet to be honest with me and tell me if she were I pain, Yes they told me she is in pain. Two days later I made the call to have her put to sleep, A call in which hurt so bad inside yet, a call I knew had to be made. In 2005 again 2 weeks before e Christmas, My 11 year old Boxer just could not walk any more, due to going paralyzed in the hip area. And once again I had asked the vet was she in pain? I was told no but, she had had enough embarrassment, dragging her rear end behind and loosing her bladder. I made the choice to put her to sleep as she deserved the honor, trust and love that she had given me for 11 years.

Here is where my story begins, My fiancé and I purchased a home in the center of Town in Lehigh as we used to live in the outskirts, where there was only one other house around for blocks. The home we purchased is on a 1/2 acre lot surrounded by Beautiful homes and your normal everyday hard working, tax paying citizens. We purchased our house in April of 2003 have had many of family get togethers along with our friends. We met all of our neighbors, well most the people across the street from us, both neighbors on each side of us and even attempted several times to wave to the man that lives behind us. The man that lives behind us, never as much ever waived or nodded his head at us. We have a pool in our back yard in which we use a lot, have seen him out many of times. I had a Wire Haired Fox Terrier by the name of Maggie, Maggie loved life, people and other animals. She use to use the neighbor next doors yard to frequent the people that lived behind them (in which they have 3 dogs and a disabled daughter that loved to play with Maggie). The neighbors next door never trimmed their bushes and the thick of the branches made it impossible for Maggie to jump into the yard behind them, So the smart little girl that she was, she found a short cut and decided to cut through our neighbor that lives behind to reach the other caddy corner to us. It was Saturday November the 25th when our baby jumped her last fence. I had woke up at 6:50 a.m. and let my three dogs out, Buster my 11 year old Lhasa Apso, Maggie my 3 three year old Wire Hair Fox Terrier and Lacey my 10 month old Boxer I also was Dog sitting for my friend at works Boxer Jade 5 months old. I was watching Jade for the Holiday "Thanksgiving" while my friends were away. At 7:10 I peeked out my kitchen window and seen all of the dogs but Maggie as I walked through my kitchen and around the corner of my Lanai, I saw my neighbor raise a Rifle and say Git when he shot my Maggie he then calmly lowered his gun to his side and walked away never turning back never confronting me, his plans in our eyes were to leave her to die. In disbelief I ran into my home and screamed "Rich" the neighbor just shot Maggie while she laid Yelping and Screeching we rushed out to help her, she did raise from the ground and try to run home and actually attempted to jump back over the fence, Rich caught her and carried her safely to the ground on our property. I ran into the house and woke my daughter asking her to please help, she grabbed a towel and I grabbed a laundry basket by the time we made it back out to her and Rich the other dogs were hovering over her covered in blood. Granite my daughter is 17 years old but, has never experienced such a horrible sight as she fell to her knees in Terror and Disbelief.

For 5 hours the vet worked on our baby to keep her alive but, the findings of the fact she was shot with a hollow point rifle shell, she did not have a chance due to internal damage beyond imagination, So Imagine a 18 lb. dog being hunted like a 250 lb. Deere. My family grieves everyday over her wondering Why?.... He could have been a man and said that he had a problem with her or just shouted and let her come home, not once in 3 years have we ever met him, spoke to him or have ever seen his face. We had NBC-ABC and WINK news at our home, we had the Sheriffs dept. and Animal control over all making promises, that some thing would be done. It has now been 3-1/2 weeks since the Sheriffs department turned this matter over to our States Attorney and yet nothing has been to this man. I call every few days to find out how he will be charged and still no answer. I have contacted an Attorney that is taking on our case Pro-Bono as Florida has some strange Laws--Discharging a Firearm in a residential area/within 30 feet of another dwelling?? Shooting a small dog without any warning, a bullet that may have even struck me??? Or possibly a child??? Animal Cruelty??? This needs to be brought to the worlds attention, as you need to observe each and every person you come in contact with, Know your Neighbor???

I have included a clipping from a New Paper from Naples News, a city 40 miles away from where we live, a man that was willing to report something in his local news but was never printed in our local paper after I begged and pleaded with them to do so.

I hope someone will take the Liberty to read my story and advise people of the crazy actions people take over something that could have been avoided. Animals are like people too!! Although, some do not think so. A precious part of my life has been taken from me, one life that was unconditional in love.

Thank You,
Lori Haines/Charles Gulden and Family

Tom Hanson: Canine case turned over to Sheriff's Office
By Tom Hanson (Contact)
Tuesday, November 28, 2006
From her Lehigh Acres kitchen window Saturday morning, Lori Haines watched in horror as Maggie, her 3-year-old white terrier, tried to make her way home.

Maggie had unusual hops. The neighbors nicknamed her "Pogo" because she could jump any fence with ease. But she never made it back over the Haines' 4-foot fence.

A bullet stopped her.
Haines watched as Frank Cash, her neighbor, pulled the trigger of a 22-caliber gun. Duke Ellis, another neighbor, screeched, "I can't believe it" as Maggie rolled over and over.

The hollow-point bullet to the back of the neck shattered too many bones. The veterinarian who tried for five hours to save Maggie thought the bullet wound was caused by a shotgun.

"He shot her right in front of me," Haines said. "He said, 'Get' and then shot her."
Haines had to pull Maggie over the fence. Maggie had jumped her last fence. Haines called Cash's actions murder.

"What he did was premeditated," Haines said. "He's given three different stories of why he killed her, but I watched as he walked up and shot Maggie in the back and then walked into the house as if nothing ever happened."

The Lee County Sheriff's Office may agree. Late Monday afternoon, Lee County Animal Control turned the case over to Sheriff's Office. Deputies confiscated Cash's gun and requested the veterinarian's reports.

The initial report shocked Sheriff Mike Scott.
"I'm not buying this one yet," Scott said. "I don't envision a 18-pound man-eater coming over a fence and it required dispatching it with a firearm," Scott said.

Scott added that anytime a gun is discharged in a neighborhood there is concern. He pointed out that if Cash would have missed the bullet could have ricocheted off a fence or a building and could have killed someone.

Special to the Daily News

Maggie, left, a 3-year-old white terrier owned by Lori Haines of Lehigh Acres, shares a relaxing moment with Buster, a Lhaso apso also owned by Haines. A neighbor shot and killed Maggie on Saturday after the dog hopped the fence and went into the man's yard.

"I'm not on a crusade but in this case the size of the dog is paramount in my mind," Scott said.
Haines wants to see criminal charges brought against Cash, who lives directly behind her. Cash could face a cruelty to animals charge.

"It's disgusting," Haines said of the crime scene. "It's hard to believe that someone could fire a weapon in a residential area like this."

Haines contends Maggie was coming back from playing with neighbors' dogs, a daily ritual. Cash contends he was protecting his cat.

"This has been an ongoing problem," Cash said. "And something had to be done."
According to Ria Brown with the Lee County Animal Services, there weren't any past complaints filed against Haines for having an unleashed dog.

Haines bought Maggie three years ago. Neighbors said she was a happy and friendly dog.
"She never growled or snarled at anyone," said Shirley Ellis, who owns two Chihuahuas and an English bulldog. "She just loved to play and she would jump the fences to play with my dogs but never once was she aggressive toward them."

Ellis now worries about her dogs and her children. She said her son plays football in the back yard.
"My kids are scared to death and I worry about what or who he might shoot next."

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