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Euthanasia of Pets

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Euthanasia Qs -- Exploring Questions about Euthanasia

In Home Euth -- In-home Euthanasia, by T.J. Dunn, Jr., DVM

Dying at Home -- In-home Euthanasia, by Tracy Vogel

Knowing When -- Euthanasia: Knowing When, by Lisa C. Beagan, DVM

Dealing with Guilt -- Dealing with the guilt after a pet dies

Muns -- Grieving the Loss of a Pet, by Margaret Muns, DVM

Short life -- RITES OF PASSAGE, by Robin Downing, DVM

by Nix

I don't know about the humanity of it. I don't know what it would actually be like to die from carbon monoxide poisoning. I know that I would HATE to be the one with that job (many of these people are animal lovers and have nightmares, I have heard). I read somewhere that they have a guild type union to form support groups. For instance, one man said how at the shelter where he works, one woman brought in a litter of puppies every six months. When he caught up with her one day and asked her why she didn't have her dog neutered, she said "I like to see the puppies being born". He said "Well then, why don't you come here with me and watch me kill them". HE was suspended! I think that everyone who allows puppies to be born should have to witness this.

Anyway, this is not saying anything one way or the other about the gas, nor was it intended to. I don't actually know what kind of gas they use, nor what the animals understand or feel. All I am saying was that gruesome as it is, it may not be more cruel than individual injection. I'm sure we all agree, both are tragic.

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