With all the problems currently faced with the animal food contamination, we do not need an inhumane Veterinarian contamination.

On Friday the 1st of June, I took my 14 year old cat to my veterinarian, Dr. Hecht (Hecht Veterinary Clinic). He was taken in because of related problems to having fleas. My roommate, Kevin Sherrill, who has been a nurse at Saint Francis Hospital for over 10 years, was with me when we took him in.

Dr. Hecht looked at our cat and told us that he had been de-hydrated due to a flea problem and said that he would have to keep him over night. He said that he would give him some fluids and re-hydrate our cat and get the rest of the fleas left on Renee ( our cat ) removed. He told us he would be available for pickup Saturday.

We called Saturday and one of the men who answered the phone said Dr. Hecht wanted to keep him another night because he still had not gotten the fleas removed. The man told us to call back Sunday at 4:30 and see if Dr. Hecht wanted him to go home.

We called Sunday and Dr. Hecht told me that the cat was still a little de-hydrated and he wanted to keep him another night to give some more fluids. I asked him at that time how he was doing and he said he was doing wonderful and would be ready Monday.

I called Dr. Hecht's office Monday the 4th about 11:30 and asked the man who answered the phone if our cat was ready for pick up and what the charges were. The young man told me that Dr. Hecht wanted to keep him another day because he still needed fluids. I told the gentleman that I wanted to come up and see our cat and he said we could not. He said that he would have Doctor Hecht call us after he got out of surgery at 3 to discuss when our cat could be ready to come home. I asked the man how the cat was doing and he said he was doing fine but just needed a few more fluids. I told him that was what they told me both days prior to Monday and I couldn't understand why they did not want me to come up and see my cat. He told me that when an owner comes up to see their animal, it makes the animal anxious thinking they are going to get to go home. He said he would have Dr. Hecht call us about 3 after he got out of surgery and see if it was ok for us to come up and see our pet.

At 12:30, Dr. Hecht called and told us that we needed to get to the vet clinic which is 4 minutes from our home because the cat took a turn for the worse. When we arrived, he said the cat already passed away. He took me and Kevin into the examination room and showed us all the fleas on him and said there was just too many fleas on him and they ate him up.

Dr. Hecht said there was nothing he could do to get them off. I asked Dr. Hecht myself if he even done anything with the cat over the weekend. He cursed and said God- D--m it don't accuse me of anything. He then picked the cat up right in front of us and threw him in a box forcefully and told us to get out.

I immediately took our pet to another Vet named Dr. Rankin in Sand Springs and had him examine the cat. One of the vet assistants told me and Kevin that she had several people bring their animals from Dr. Hecht's after surgery with complications that they had to correct. Dr. Rankin examined our cat and said there was no reason for all the fleas still on him after Dr. Hecht having him for over 3 days. He said that dawn dish washing liquid could have taken all the fleas off of the cat and without any toxicity due to the flea chemicals used to treat cats for fleas. Dr. Rankin said that if the fleas would have been removed in a timely manner there could have been a very good chance for the cat to live. We thanked him and told him we would use him for our future needs with our family ( our other pets ) that we had.

What upsets me so much is, not only is Kevin a nurse and knows protocols for needs for humans but he also knows intelligently that blood work should have been drawn on our cat to check for any abnormalities. Dr. Hecht did no blood work at all. When I and Kevin left our cat in Dr. Hecht's care Friday, I told him to do whatever HE COULD to help the cat and not to worry about the cost. I was prepared to pay for any service's that this veterinarian performed on our cat to help make him well.

From what I and Kevin and Dr. Rankin saw, it looked as if Dr. Hecht did nothing to treat the cat over the weekend, leaving him there to suffer. I feel he waited until Monday the 4th to come in and try and do something and at that point it was too late, and he knew it. Therefore he kept trying to put us off until the cat passed, or he either put the cat down and did not tell us because he realized his negligence. Not only do I think he was negligent in the care of a part of what we considered our family, our cat Renee, but I also feel he was extremely cruel and inhumane for literally throwing the cat in a box with great force and cursing at us and telling us to get out.

Please help us to help others from not having to go through what we went through. This veterinarian should not be taking care of people's pets (FAMILY) if he cannot refrain himself from being in-humane, especially in front of the owners. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 918-295-2106 or 918-237-8648. The second opinion of the other Veterinarian confirmed that the Veterinarian Dr. Hecht failed to perform in a proper and professional caring manner to care for our family pet. Our hearts are still aching from this tragedy and the trauma our cat and we had to go through with this Veterinarian, Dr. Hecht. Please help us and help others here in our community so they do not have to go through what we had to go through.

Thank you, Bruce Begley


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