Rainbow Bridge -- Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
Meeting At Bridge -- A meeting at the bridge
Rainbow Story
Xmas At Rainbow -- Christmas at Rainbow Bridge, by Terri Onorato
Rainbow Bridge Councilors
Rainbow Bridge For Birds

Things You Can Do When Your Pet Dies (Free eBook)
When a Pet Dies - book by Fred Rogers (Mr. Roger's Neighborhood)

This is a letter from our beloved pet who has crossed over to the otherside. I created this as a tribute to such love and devotion that only such creatures can share. 
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Euthanasia -- Articles on euthanasia; grief; guilt.

Cremation Resource -- Support resources to those people who are bereaved over the loss of an animal they have loved.

Finding Lost Pets -- Pet Search Tips

Pet Loss Pain -- Why Does Pet Loss Hurt So Much?

Pet Loss - Poems -- Healing and Inspirational Poetry at
        Golden Goodbye    A Christmas Story

My Dog Died Today - August 2010

Asunto: The Last Act of Kindness - January 2009

The Ambivalent Bond With a Ball of Fur - October 2007

Our Alligator by Margaret Pennington. April 2006.

Missing Sunshine in Georgetown, DC - June 2007

Veterinarian Horrors in Tulsa, Oklahoma - June 2007

Lost Bunny and California Vets - Feb. 2007

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