I have found out through a very painful experience that the State of California DOES NOT have any regulations controlling veterinarians - and this is how I found out (as a matter of fact, there are few states that monitor medical personnel.)

I took my bunny in on a Friday - a perfectly healthy 5 lb barely a year old bunny to a vet to have him neutered. I was told (and I believe this to be true ) that it is a very routine operation and with the facts that I had and also the fact that I had another rabbit over 10 years ago neutered - that there shouldn't be any complications. My bunny was operated on a Friday at 11:00 in the morning - I picked him up Saturday morning almost 24 hours later and he was still groggy and not very responsive which I thought to be awfully strange BUT the surgeon was not there and I had to deal with one of the other doctors. I told her that I found a flea on him (he didn't have them when he came in) and she applied Advantage to him - I questioned her application because of past experience and she stated it was just fine. My poor little guy didn't eat or drink Saturday or Sunday - by Saturday night we were just livid because all he would do is lay there and he couldn't even hold up his head. We called the clinic but they closed at noon and so I found an email and sent one off hoping someone would help us. I got a call on Sunday by the vet and was told that we could take him to the emergency vet clinic on Ryan ranch - well, we got him there and the vet there told us they weren't that familiar with rabbits but would call our vet and ask what to do. All they did was pump him up with more medications and said that we could spend $700 and leave him over night and they would "monitor" him and give him another shot at 10:00pm and then turn him over to the other vet in the morning. No x-rays or no tests were done. For $700.... we asked what our other option was and she said we could take him home, try and get some food in him (pumpkin using a large feeding tube) and then give him a shot at 10:00pm (we have given shots before). Well, we got him home and he wouldn't eat at all and at 10:00pm we gave him the shot and within 10 minutes he died. We only had this lovable little guy for 6 months - his birthday was to be March 3rd... and we had to bury him before his 1st birthday and he was literally ripped from our lives. These people over medicated him and didn't care.

We went on line to try and find a medical board or advisory council that we could contact/write to to complain about this vet and how she handled the situation only to find that veterinarians are not monitored or regulated here in California - they are just free to do whatever and if they lose a pet - oh well, we get a card saying sorry and a bill.

I paid this vet $300 for a check up and neutering and then had to pay the emergency clinic another $298 and I have nothing now - just an empty heart.

Why are these people not regulated and why is there no laws governing them?

I know he was just a pet - but when pets are brought into our family they are treated like family members and he was treated very disrespectfully by this vet. Almost $500 paid out and no one did anything to help him or us.

I am reaching out so that others don't have to experience the pain we did in losing someone in our family and loved so much and who gave us so much unconditional love back and joy .

Thank you

Margi Tyacke

831 394 0707 (work number)

Our little guys name was Kirby. He was a beautiful minilop - brown/white. He was a purebred but just didn't have the "show" qualities although to us he was just beautiful.

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